‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Developer TimeGate Studios Shuts Down [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated May 10th, 2013 at 6:55 am,

TimeGate Studios Closed

Aliens: Colonial Marines developer TimeGate Studios has closed its doors and laid off its entire staff. Things were not looking good for the developer after they filed for bankruptcy last week, and now this company-wide layoff confirms those fears.

TimeGate Studios‘ financial troubles date back even further than the Chapter 11 filing, to a court case with publisher SouthPeak Interactive, who alleged TimeGate owed them a substantial amount of money. In April, TimeGate lost their appeal against SouthPeak, and subsequently accrued a $7.35 million dollar debt to the publisher.

TimeGate’s debt to SouthPeak was piled on top of money they owed Epic Games, Agora Games, and DJ2 Entertainment. In total, TimeGate owed somewhere in the vicinity of $50 million to various parties.

The studio’s closure comes not that long after a case was brought against Gearbox Software and SEGA for misleading trailers and gameplay demos for Aliens: Colonial Marines. While it is Gearbox and SEGA that are getting the brunt of the attention, it is believed that TimeGate was responsible for a large portion of the game’s development.

Whether or not the negative backlash over Aliens: Colonial Marines — which was panned across the board by critics — has anything to do with the studio’s closure is unclear, but it likely didn’t help.

Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Version Worst

Not that long ago the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines was scrapped, even despite claims it was the superior version. Now, the game is in the running for worst game of 2013, and those developers involved with it are trying to draw attention to their next projects…if they haven’t been closed down.

TimeGate was in development and ready to release a new game, Minimum, on the PC, but apparently all traces of that free-to-play shooter are gone. And, unfortunately, this is probably the last we will hear of it.

To be fair, TimeGate wasn’t a developer with a significant amount of renown. They developed the Section 8 series, delivered some F.E.A.R. expansion packs, created an RTS version of the Axis & Allies board game, and got started with another RTS series, Kohan. They tried to make their mark, but unfortunately things didn’t pan out.

[Update: According to Sega’s financial reportsAliens: Colonial Marines still managed to sell 1.31 million units.]

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  • Androol

    Whoa, that was a poorly-run company. That’s a shame.

  • Dante

    Well apparently Gearbox’s use of TimeGate as a scape goat for their awful game worked.

    Gearbox is still intact, made 75% of the awful game. Timegate gone, made 25%…seems legit.

    • Xander

      Gearbox is only still intact after Colonial Marines, because they are actually a successful studio, and had games that were good and sold well come out this year as well (Borderlands). I think if their other games were not as successful, this would have hurt them more.

      • Andrew

        Borderlands is all they have. They’re not successful just lucky.

      • Dante

        They still scapegoated the heck outta TimeGate – I don’t find that cool at all, even if TimeGate wasn’t exactly a great developer to begin with.

        If they really had any kind of integrity or ethics none of us would associate TimeGate with Aliens: Colonial Marines at all.

        If maybe they had done what they said they were doing, making a good game, then yet another studio wouldn’t be gone.

        I will never buy a Gearbox game. Those guys are shady.

  • Andrew

    Sucks that the devs have to suffer at the fate of poor project management skills. The ones who should’ve been fired are the ones who made those crap ass decisions. I hope Gearbox is next, we need better project managers out there who know how to actually deliver a quality game!

  • Darklurkr23

    So tdoes that mean Ishoould finally finish up Section 8 predujudice now ? Ibought that and still didnt’ do teh online XD

  • Solstice211

    Have you already forgotten that they did Bioshock or had a hand in that game series?

  • Stephen

    That’s a shame. I wonder if the Section 8 IP is going anywhere because it is a really fun and addicting shooter that got way more criticism than it deserved. Section 8 Prejudice is just as good as any shooter on the market and it’s only 15 bucks.

  • Alex

    I wonder how many of those 1.31 million sold were refunded.

    • The Dude

      I would say about half if not 2/3’s of the 1.31 million games sold were taken back for a refund. That’s my 2 cents worth of saying lol.

  • CM220

    This story may need to be update because as of August 20, 2013 their website is still up and they are hiring staff.