‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Trailers, Season Pass, ‘Bug Hunt’ DLC Details

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It felt like this day would never come, but Aliens: Colonial Marines is just hours away from being released. The new chapter in the Alien series from Gearbox Software gives players the chance to jump into the boots of a space marine, and solve the mystery of the USS Sulaco and LV-426 (around which the plot of Aliens was based) for good.

Previous trailers showed that players – as Cpl. Christopher Winter – will get to board the USS Sulaco, with everything spiraling out of control from there. But if anyone still has doubts that Colonial Marines will feel like an extension of the series’ trademark space marines, the extended ‘Contact’ trailer should prove it.

While the newest trailer is an extended version of the cinematic one released over a year ago, the slow-motion carnage isn’t any less effective, and reiterates that Colonial Marines is a game made by fans, for fans. Much has been made of Gearbox’s attempts at keeping the aliens feeling “authentic,” and there’s no denying that the environments and scenarios depicted in the extended trailer feel like they’ve been pulled directly from the movie.

Aliens Colonial Marines Launch Trailer

Granted, the source material may be allowing the developers to take things to entirely new levels of ‘dudebro-ing,’ but these are the space marines that science-fiction and video games looked to for inspiration. A little bit of bravado should be expected. The gameplay is what counts, and from that standpoint, Aliens: Colonial Marines has shown enough promise to garner more attention than its delayed development may imply.

Of course, as much fun as it will be to fight Xenomorphs with AI allies, the multiplayer is where plenty of Aliens fans are looking to relive the action and frenzied tension of the film with friends. Gearbox has cooked up entirely new forms of Xenomorphs for the mode (making sure the new classes complement the existing fiction), each with unique abilities sure to put even the most veteran squads to the test.

Take a look at the Boiler, Spitter, and Crusher in action, as well as the perks that come with each in the new ‘Tactical Multiplayer’ trailer:

The multiplayer options will be increased with the first Colonial Marines DLC content, entitled ‘Bug Hunt.’ The new mode pits players against waves of enemies (of increasing difficulty, obviously) in one of three environments inspired by the films. How that differs from the existing ‘Survivor’ mode shipping with the game remains to be seen.

The DLC is priced at $14.99 so far, but is available free to anyone who pre-ordered or purchases their copy of the game from Walmart. The DLC is also included as one of the four expansions awarded to players who purchase the increasingly-popular Season Pass. The $29.99 pass grants access to the singleplayer and multiplayer expansions being developed over the coming year, with ‘Bug Hunt’ set for a March 2013. No word yet on the singleplayer offerings.

Have you already pre-ordered your copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines? If not, are you waiting to see how well the game is received, or are the campaign and multiplayer features just not enough to interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases February 12th, 2013, for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.

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  • Iceycold

    According to AVP Galaxy, the game hit the streets early in parts of the US as retailers ignored the sales embargo.

    Apparently, the game is simply not good.

    Issues reported include crap AI (both marine and alien), lacklustre graphics, iffy premises (little acid damage, melee on aliens OK) and plenty of glitches and little graphical faults. Oh, and while I thought the story was crap, a lot of people who’ve played it says it gets sillier.

    Aliens: coming from the people who compared Duke Nukem to Half-Life.

    …yeah. Time Gearbox went the way of Eurocom and Pandemic.

    • Dante

      Couldn’t see that coming a mile away. Seriously though, everything I’ve seen from this game has been awful to behold.

      I wish someone would take the material seriously and make a 3rd person action horror game, a-la Dead Space – but I suppose then we’d just be complaining about clones.

      Maybe the Aliens are just tired material…

  • fanofgames

    This game seems plenty good to me. Then again i was born during a time where noone cared about graphics, we only cared about gameplay. And from what ive seen. The gameplay looks fun. If you guys dont like it. Then dont play it. Its as simple as that.

    • gaygamer22

      thank you. someone that doesnt have his/her head up their a$$

  • BlackJoker

    The game isn’t that bad as they put it. But being a hardcore gamer of the AVP series and still playing those the AI was pretty simple(AI in AVP2, run up attack) like any computer AI. Simple and easy to kill. Aliens in this game are trying to be sneaky still easy to kill but they are not just doing the run n gun AI tactic. But they could be better there is room for improvements. The Acid damage. . . thats not even an issue. AVP1 acid could kill you quickly in AVP2 it was less then a shot in the foot of damage but easy to notice. But for most people AVP3 was the first AVP game. The difference between the 2 campaigns with AVP2 and Aliens:CM is that you are not just one Vs everything. You have friendly AI. That factor would kill the suspense and scared feeling you might get. Also I always played AVP1 and 2 in the dark alone when my parents were gone. Aliens:CM im a grown ass adult playing Co-op and its bright as it can get. Atmosphere have change. So its hard to say it has it or not. . . unless I let my friends little brother play it. lol He will probably cry with the first motion censor. lol

    But still room for improvements. Improvements that are needed big time. I wont lie it has been some issues that need to be pointed out and some that don’t need to be. But if your some one who thought Assassins creed 3 on launch day was awesome and the perfect game then you need help. . .AC3 was horrible being able to no clip into people and the floating weapons in the air. They fix it since then and AC3 ended up being on the “Best of 2012″ list and no one counted the launch game. Same with Aliens: CM. If GearBox fix’s the issues soon no one will care besides those who are lesser then others. But thats all I have to say on that. Enjoy the game or don’t. If you don’t like how games have bugs then Don’t play them on launch day and wait another month when most to everything is fix & patch. Common knowledge. lol

    Finale comments on the game is: Its fun and im enjoying it much more then the last AVP game(AVP3, the only AVP thats multi platform) Also played Aliens CM on the PC and if the graphics are terrible like some review sites have posted then they must of got it for Console lol. But I have spend a lot of money on my computer to play things to its fullest. Going to how ever get it on console later today to see the difference.

    • gaygamer22

      avp2 was SUCH a waste. it is literally the worst aliens game of all time. the expansion pack was even worse. you could beat the Expansion pack in an hour tops. sure the powerloader level was alright but it wasnt detailed or complex enough to make it worthwhile or more memorable i guess i should say.

      only thing i hate about this game (ACM) is that the smartgun isnt selectable through the inventory wheel >.> but its NOWHERE near as bad as a$$clowns make it out to be its really good. tho i guess that i, unlike most people that expect a top notch so-perfect-it-was-made-by-god game with every release, am more forgiving of a games shortcomings. tho tbh for me just put a smartgun/pulse rifle/ shotgun in my hands and let me kill aliens and im happy so whatever.

  • Jak Frost

    please theses are the people that made borderlands ha and you expected a good game from them

  • james

    Pre ordered it hasnt left my xbox yet its not prrfect but who gives a crap i love it