SEGA Admits ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Trailers Were Misleading

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Aliens Colonial Marines False Advertising

SEGA has finally admitted that Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t live up to expectation. After the game hit store shelves, and was subsequently bashed by critics, there were extensive claims that SEGA and developer Gearbox Software mislead the public with their trailers and live demos.

Chief offender among the bunch was a hands-off demo during PAX East, which showed a visually impressive game that accurately captured the spirit of the Aliens franchise.

However, such an experience was nowhere to be found in the finished product. In fact, Aliens: Colonial Marines was a buggy mess that failed to make an impression within the first 30 minutes.

Now, after plenty of gamers lambasted SEGA for the misleading demo, the published is finally admitting that the demo was misleading. The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency received a complaint from a gamer, and so SEGA has been forced to respond.

From this point forward, SEGA will include a disclaimer with their trailers that indicates the trailers “depict footage of the demo versions of the game.” The disclaimer will be on every trailer currently available online.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done, or at least the Colonial Marines fanfare is over. That is, if the Wii U version ever sees the light of day.

By now, gamers have already learned of Colonial Marines‘ deception, and so they are wary of the game. Nevertheless, there was hope that a Wii U version of the game would be the definitive version — mostly due to claims that the visuals would be of a superior quality and the use of the gamepad as a motion tracker.

Unfortunately, there is a strong belief that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled. SEGA says it isn’t so, but Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford didn’t provide any words of encouragement.

Either way, future trailers for Colonial Marines will be changed from here on out. And, at the very least, gamers won’t be mislead by trailers.

Do you think all game trailers should have specific trailers? Do you feel mislead by the Aliens: Colonial Marines marketing?

Source: Advertising Standards Authority

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  • Ken J

    Wait, so let me get this straight. They made a demo version that worked and looked good, but the actual game is actually with worse graphics and didn’t run as well?? So basically they intended to lie to everyone from the beginning if they were developing two versions of the game… Wow…

  • Jak Frost

    Yea thats really stupid because if they made the demo look amazing why didn’t they make the game look that way. It reminds me of Brink when the d-bag at bethesda said that there were two intense and deep story lines. When they were really just random videos of events that you weren’t aware of what happened.

  • Josh Calkins

    There was some similar uproar around the time of some early PS3 games. They did not resemble early footage at all, which was being classified as “target footage” with presumably prerendered, scripted footage. It was a “goal” but not a product. Killzone was under a microscope for this, I believe, as was the original Motor Storm, whose ultimate mud-deformation graphics WERE impressive, but not that similar to the shown footage.

    This seems to have been a forgotten reality, along with the tendency for advertisements to show exclusively Non-engine, prerendered cutscenes, the way Bioshock’s latest ad does. They can be lovely, but have the potential to greatly misrepresent the game the way they did in the days of PS1, when games looked like a$$ and the ads only showed Final Fantasy cutscenes and such. It was one of the odd benefits of Nintendo sticking with the aging cartridge format on the N64 that the cutscenes tended to directly represent the look of the game, utilizing the same assets and engine to create every interlude.

  • lavafire

    I played it for 30 min and was like shit i waisted my money. the multiplayer sucks. how do i get a refund.

  • Chris

    I always imagined that an Aliens game would be something like a first-person Dead Space game with an intensely deep storyline, and the uttermost terrifying atmosphere.

    I guess they made a liar out of me lol

  • Branden

    It’s sad to see such a hyped game through a demo get bashed to death by a shitty final product. I think, if anyone makes another Aliens game get Monolith Productions to do it, or the minds behind Dead Space. The old ones that were actually good. AvP on the 360 and PS3 is actually worth playing because there were often points where I was genuinely afraid to go any further while playing as the Marine, is scared me that much but the multiplayer was lacking. Whoever does a franchise reboot, please, lets not make it suck. I’ll wait until this game dwindles down to $19.99 before I pick it up.

  • Sid

    How about instead of putting a disclaimer you just make the f***ing game the way the demo makes it look. Just a thought you a*******