BioWare: No More Commander Shepard After ‘Mass Effect 3′

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Mass Effect 4 No More Shepard

Parting is such sweet sorrow. All of those players who fell in love with the Mass Effect series and its protagonist Commander Shepard knew that at some point, the space marine’s fight to save humanity from a race of murderous robots would have to come to an end. But we didn’t realize just how final the upcoming Mass Effect 3 would be. Because while the end of the trilogy will bring to close what may have been just one adventure in Shepard’s illustrious career, players won’t be seeing him in any future Mass Effect titles at all.

It’s not news to hear that BioWare has big plans for the Mass Effect series, and the game’s developers have claimed for quite some time that Mass Effect 3 would bring a satisfying end to Shepard’s trilogy. But perhaps we hadn’t realized just how final Mass Effect 3 could prove to be in terms of Commander Shepard’s time in the spotlight.

But even if other games took place in the Mass Effect universe, BioWare wouldn’t abandon a character that they had spent so much time and energy perfecting (in both genders, no less), right? Not according to producer Michael Gamble. He spoke with PC Gamer about the role of Shepard in the franchise’ future, and didn’t beat around the bush:

“After this, Commander Shepard’s story is complete.”

Gamble went on to confirm that even if there were other games set in the universe, Shepard would certainly not be appearing in them. We don’t know if this means that Shepard will absolutely die in the events of Mass Effect 3, but it certainly adds weight to that theory.

Whatever the case, fans everywhere can at least be sure that the next Mass Effect title will offer plenty of new experiences. Commander Shepard’s boots won’t be easy to fill, but the developer has proven that they know character development.

We’ve already spent plenty of time coming up with games we’d like to see for Mass Effect 4, but considering just how much the series has changed from its beginnings it’s nearly impossible to predict where BioWare will go next. The task isn’t an easy one, with our own Rob Keyes listing more than a few potential issues. But without even a brief appearance from Shepard, it seems that the fourth game in the series will at least be able to stand on its own.

What do you think of BioWare’s commitment to leave Shepard’s story once and for all? Do you believe that this is the last of Shepard, or do you still have your doubts? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Mass Effect 3 will give Commander Shepard his last assignment on March 6, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: PC Gamer

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  • nuk60


  • steamcamel

    I have no problem with this, in fact I welcome it. I’m a huge fan of both games, and while I absolutely love the mass effect universe and the characters we meet, I never found commander shepard that interesting to begin with. I’m sure it’s a matter of taste, but right from the get-go on Eden Prime, I hated being inside this cardboard-cut out, stereotypical american hero, who saves the galaxy while spewing out tired old hollywood cliches like “Noone gets left behind” or “we fight or we die, thats the plan”. yawn.

    It’s too much John Wayne in space and to be honest, I always found the story of Shepard to be too implausible and uninteresting. The idea that only this one human hero can save the galaxy just feels contrived and it’s getting old.

    Personally, I look forward to a better written protagonist in future mass effect games. I just hope they tone down the clichès next time :)

    • Son of Prometheus

      @steamcamel: Eh?! “cardboard-cut out, stereotypical American hero, who saves the galaxy” You say…

      Nah… My Shepard is from an Off-World Colony homey 😛

  • bianchi

    I think itd be great if you had a choice in the fourth one to play as shepherds child if you romanced someone such as liara or ashley

  • Elcobydos

    It’s going to be sad saying goodbye to Commander Shepard. However, it doesn’t make sense to continue the series without having the actions Shepard took in ME 1 and 2, not have anything to do with the rest of the series. That’s the most interesting mechanic about the whole series. The choices you make effect the story. Mass Effect 4 might not have Shepard in it but his actions must impact the universe significantly for the next main character.

  • Ryan

    I think it’d be awesome to be able to play as a Turian or a Krogan personally, or be able to choose between Human, Turian, Krogan, Asari etc.

  • Rob Keyes

    Self-sacrifice at the end.

    • Jason Rayner

      Nope, I don’t think he’s gonna be killed or suicide, but I rather likes to say, he is puzzled due to Cerberus is destroyed by himself in the end of ME3, he can’t join any factions. Alliance (probably) not welcomes him anymore, so this is the one that makes the end of C. Shepard

  • Katrina

    Yeah I like the idea of picking what race and gender you want to be in ME4

  • Volc19

    I’m absolutely welcoming this. It would be strange to play Shepard after the largest threat in the univers has been extinguished. He’s a soldier, so having him around with no one to fight would be a bore. After the Reaper threat is extinguished, what is there left for Shepard? Hunting down Mercs for fun? Dead or alive, he would have no more story to tell. Playing as a Civillian or a Mercenary would be interesting for the next game. Maybe the cultures of the various races would be interesting. Like an MMO.

  • macready

    Good. I hope the same applies to all the squadmates too.

    I dont want to see Liara, Samara or Wrex or whoever cameoing in future games for cheap effect, because that can cheapen my Shepard as much as inserting them in some future game.

    I hope everything gets 100% tied up in ME3. Shepard, the squad, the reapers and all the plot points. Any future Mass Effect should be 100% new in all areas.

  • Allen

    i think that killing shepard off after he was brought back is a crazy idea i actually love the character that shepard is and without him the story wouldnt have been the same so i dont welcome a ME4 without at least an appearance from Shepard maybe hes on the Council now?????

    • Volc19

      He’s nothing but a hollow emotionless shell that you take control of to articulate your thoughts and shoot things, and that’s it. Anyone can do what he does. He’s only special because of his vision on Eden Prime.

      Also, there is already a human on the council, and Shepard has no political background. That is highly unlikely.

      • Son of Prometheus

        @Volc19: BULLSH!T…

        Commander Shepard is arguably “The Best Video Game Character Ever Created”

        One of the things that impresses me so much about what BioWare did with him.Is make Shepard come across as a credible and believeable future Historic Figure of Humanity.

        “The first human Spectre.Captain of the Normandy.Savior of the Galaxy.”

        Commander John Shepard has a past (Background – ME1) present (ME2) and future (ME3) We are only privileged to step into his shoes (In a Sam Beckett Quantum Leap sort of manner) and “virtually” make up our own version of his Biography…

        You say “Anyone can do what he does.” Nonesense…

        “We are who we choose to be.”

        What I admire most about Shepard Commander is his courage, strength, high sense of responsibilty, tenacity, intelligence and “Failure is not an option” attitude.Oh and he also has a “way with the ladies.” 😉

        These are qualities and characteristics that lead to greatness.Not mediocrity.And Shepard is Great…

  • Ben

    ‘No more Commander Shepard After’ does not necessarily mean Shepard dies in the end. I agree that Shepard’s story should end at some point and go out with a bang, but ME4 could always take place 100-200 years after the reaper invasion. We don’t know that Shepard dies heroically/tragically at the end of ME3 for sure…

    Do we?

  • chomp

    i personally don’t care either way, if shepard stays or goes. he was rather shallow anyway. I just hope they up the anti in ME4, and blow star wars off the planet. More bad ass alien races, alien planets to explore, hot alien babes to party with.

  • Ben

    Oh Yea? MY Shepard is a angry, violent, racist, mass-murdering psychopath who secretly dons the “savior of the galaxy” mantle to further his own ambitions. He fires his machine gun at people on a daily basis and could get any woman he wants to have sex with him after about 5-6 sentences.

    He could punch a reporter on live TV, and get away with it.

    He could commit racial genocide by killing the rachni queen, and get away with it.

    He could literally commit cold-blooded murder by killing an unarmed turian that annoyed him in front of C-Sec officers, and get away with it.

    He could let an entire refinery of workers die in a fire, and not really care.

    He could kill anyone and everyone he deems necessary to ensure the safety of the galaxy against the Reapers, which are pretty much anyone who pisses him off.

    He also headbutted a krogan.

    Shepard is GREAT indeed……

  • Matt

    It’s good to go out on top and not washed up. Think: Barry Sanders.

  • Jomi D

    I think BioWare should make a Forth Mass Effect….

  • Jes

    i would have been satisfied, if his “lover” could of had his child. something more than a memory would live on.

    im content with the perfect ending, where he takes a breathe

  • v(L)ada

    It will be the best to continue with Shepard’s child. That will continue on mass effect 3 save file.

  • Sean

    Don’t feel it’s wise for bioware to shelve a much loved character and all his crew members and abandon him.

    I agree that his story is over, and that we need someone new, with a new story, new ship and a new crew.

    But don’t just leave the characters that made there games big behind, give us something big or small, a side quest were we get to see how some of the members are doing, could even be something as small as seeing some of the members in the citdel catching up, if your shep is alive (depending on ending) maybe see him with his romance choice and a kid shopping, happily retired and rising a family… Think most of use would like to see that :)