Activision CEO: Microsoft Must Prove Xbox One Value

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Activision Xbox One Value

The Xbox One price has been a hot topic as of late, with many gamers citing it as a key reason the PS4 is outpacing Microsoft’s console in pre-purchase polls. The price is also a major point of contention amongst publishers, who will need strong install bases on both consoles to continue their success.

One such publisher that has put a lot of stock in Microsoft‘s court is Activision, whose recently announced title Destiny made a big splash at this past E3. Needless to say, if Activision wants to ensure Destiny is a success they will need gamers to invest in the Xbox One.

As Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg explains, getting gamers to invest starts with Microsoft proving that the Xbox One’s $100 premium is worth it. Making gamers understand that they are paying for a better console experience.

“Microsoft is going to have to convince people that the higher price point is worth it, and that it provides really meaningful capabilities that will be meaningful to consumers. And it’s a long game, so I am sure that’s what they intend on trying to do.”

Part of that $100 premium, as we know, includes the cost of the new Kinect sensor, which is a requirement for Xbox One operation (games, movies, apps). Unfortunately, just saying that the price tag includes Kinect isn’t going cut it. Hirshberg believes that Microsoft needs to show that the inclusion of Kinect is warranted, and that the Xbox One console will leverage the peripheral in meaningful ways.

“I feel they have to show why that’s a good thing and why it’s worth the premium and deserves inclusion and why it’s something that gamers are going to come to really value and appreciate. … It’s going to be a fun battle to watch, but I think they definitely have to win hearts and minds in terms of the value of it.”

Obviously, all of Activision’s eggs are not in the Destiny basket — they still have Call of Duty — but they clearly want Xbox One to succeed just as much as any publisher. At the same time, gamers will need several reasons to pick up the console. Yes, Destiny does look great, but that game doesn’t release until some time next year. The real question is what will make gamers pick up the Xbox One now, and will they be happy about their decision?

At one point, the game sharing feature sounded like a good selling point for the Xbox One, but Microsoft’s poor communication and restrictive online requirements ended up killing that intriguing feature. Now some could argue that Microsoft has a console that is $100 more expensive and comes with a peripheral not a lot of gamers want.

How do you think Microsoft will convince gamers the Xbox One is worth the $500 price tag?

The Xbox One will hit store shelves this November.


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  • Ace

    EA is Publishing Titanfall, not Activision… the second to last paragraph doesn’t make sense.

    But he’s right….they need to sell people on the Console….something they failed to do properly the first time round.

  • roxysdaddio

    lol I was about to say the same thing about the publisher

  • roxysdaddio

    maybe Titanfall is being mistakened for Destiny

  • breado the great

    ditch the kinect, drop the price, and pull a sony

  • Anthony Taormina

    My mistake – been juggling Destiny and Titanfall in my mind. Hopefully, the post doesn’t sound like complete nonsense now. :)

  • COREY_1993

    i am definitely getting a ps4 its cheaper, you can change the HDD, no manditory installs, more powerful, better controller (imo), ps+, no required device i.e pseye, better games (imo) and sony doesnt take the p**s outta me like ms does to their fans, that whole drm and daily check in s**t. and sonys huge indie support.
    remote play excited me, yes i own the vita lol… i hope it all works out good because that could sell the vita.

    • Gesio

      Thanks for your input, nobody cares.

      • COREY_1993

        if you dont care why thank me for my input?

      • Shalkowski

        @Gesio Lol you care enough to type in all of your info to comment.

        @COREY_1993 Couldn’t agree more.

    • Mark

      You do realize that an interchangeable HDD is a bullshit justification to back your support for Sony, right? Its cheaper to buy a separate external hard drive than pay premium for branded crap, as well externals can be MUCH larger than what any Sony of Microsoft branded HDD will provide.

      • Oiltool

        You dont have to get a Sony branded hard drive. It is capable of taking any third party internal hard drive. Meaning 1TB upgrade = 1-200 dollars depending on the speed you want. Currently rolling a 1TB HD in my PS3 as well made by seagate.

  • djnforce9

    For me, my choice of the PS4 extends beyond just price:
    1. I’m not at all interested in the Kinect and yet it’s mandatory to have with the system.
    2. The Sony exclusives seem more appealing to me
    3. The PS4 is a more powerful system spec-wise which will make for more complex and better looking exclusives
    4. I have zero interest in watching television (rendering those features useless)
    5. At the time I made my decision to pre-order, Microsoft hadn’t dropped the always-online nonsense yet.

  • angryguy77

    I love how IGN and now Gamerant talks about the family share now, but barely a word about it when it before it was axed.

    If you thought it was so great, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU DO SOME ARTICLES ON IT?????

    I really think these game sites have gone with the group think during this whole debacle.

    Yes it’s true MS did about as bad a PR job that you can do. But these gaming sites did nothing to help matters. Maybe an article explaining what people were losing and what they were gaining would’ve helped.

    • trey

      Gaming sites like GR are not here to help matters on a bad PR job.It’s simply their job to give their own opinions and thoughts.
      It’s also not their job to advertise product.
      Directx 11.2 may be an exclusive for microsoft right now.but, it’s already said that the technology can become available on other next gen models.why give good PR about something, when it can become available on other things.

      • angryguy77

        No, it’s exclusive to windows 8 and x1.

        Really? They usually ask what us “ranters” think. Maybe they should takes the “gaming news ” tag out from the top of the page if its just an opinion site.

        • Trey

          READ LINK
          Yes “Directx 11.2″ is an exclusive for Microsoft. But, like I stated before the type of technology is said to become available on other next-gen consoles. Why report something as good PR, when the technology can also easily become available for everything else still.

          Yes, they ask your opinion ABOUT THE ARTICLE. The article asks “How do you think Microsoft will convince gamers the Xbox One is worth the $500 price tag”. The rant you give doesn’t give opinion on that. If you’re saying Directx is a good reason for the price tag…It’s not.

          This is an article from just a man. Meaning it’s one mans point of view, going off his knowledge, and his insight. The article is headlined as “Activision CEO: Microsoft Must Prove Xbox One Value”. Not DirectX 11.2 is an “exclusive to Xbox One & Windows 8.1″. However, the technology can become available on other next-gen consoles too.

  • angryguy77

    one other thing, maybe someone at gamerant can give us a reason why there has not been one word about the Direct X 11.2 news that came out recently?

    Seems like if it the news can’t be taken negatively, it won’t get reported.

    I find no reason why a story as meaningless as this can make it, but not something as big as the one I inquired about.

    • Anthony Taormina

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you are an Xbox fan.

      • Jack7


      • angryguy77

        I have been for a long time, but I was considering a ps4 before I figures out what the policies actually were. I’m not a blind drone, I’ll buy the system that I feel best suits my needs.

        I like this site, but I really do feel people let their personal opinions get in the way of reporting what was actually going on. I’m not signaling GR out either, most of the larger sites are guilty of this.

        The Direct X story should’ve been written by now. It is a positive for the X1, yet no major site has written about it.

        I’m not asking for you guys to be an extension of MS’ PR, but I do believe many sites didn’t report accurately.

        • Newton

          ^ This

  • Newton

    Why is no-one getting upset that Sony has just gone and pulled a classic COD manouvre? You know…more of the same with slight tweaks, in this case bumped up specs.

    People get all pissed off at COD for doing the same thing over and over but as soon as Sony does it they get a pat on the back and thunderous applause. Microsoft tries innovate and move towards digital gaming and all they get is a metaphorical kick in the balls!

    I do agree that they did a shit job of actually conveying what they wanted to do with their console though but still!!

    • Oiltool

      XBOX has been positioning itself this whole time as an entertainment/media system not just a gaming system hence the focus on windows 8, the ability to use the system as a cable box and the fact that its boxed with the kinect. Playstation has positioned itself as a straight gaming system. As of right now I use the two systems in the same way. Xbox for media and of course their exclusive titles and my PS3 for gaming if a title is multi- platform I buy it for PS3. I have both PS+ and XBL Gold and there seems to be fewer pre-pubescents on the PS3 than on XBOX. That being said I saved for the last year and plan on grabbing both consoles on their respective launch days.

      • Tyler

        Using the argument of Xbox being too focused on media is like saying you wouldn’t want an iPhone because it doesn’t focus on being JUST a phone.

        • Trey

          Your argument is invalid.
          You wouldn’t buy an Iphone, if it didn’t focus enough on the fact it’s a phone.
          All the time Microsoft put into the xbox1 being media…They could’ve put that time towards, thinking of innovative ways to make gaming better. They want to try to innovate by moving towards cloud gaming. But, they fail to realize that majority of gamers don’t want that. They want something they can take and play anywhere. We’re going to buy something for $60…We want something in our hands, that we could do whatever with…Something we could own!! They want to move towards cloud gaming to stop used games…But, in doing so will take away our ability to lend to a friend, rent games through gamefly, sell OUR games, or simply make it more difficult to play our game on multiple systems. Microsoft needs to move forward and innovate.But, do so while giving GAMERS what they want…I HARDCORE GAMERS DREAM CONSOLE. Not a gamers console, a TV junkies shows, and etc. It’s a game console!! Focus on building on that, and making everything else just what it is…EXTRA CRAP!! Wasted time that could’ve went towards making the GAMING console (that practically matches its competitor in gaming specs), a system that could blow the ps4 out the water. If Microsoft did that, then there would be no room for a console war. Because, the proof would be in the console. But, now we’re stuck her still in console war smdh.

          • Tyler

            It’s perfectly valid. The point I’m trying to make is that the phone features and abilities haven’t been diminished by the inclusion of other features. They’re just a prevalent as the always were, just like the Xbox One.

            “They want something they can take and play anywhere. We’re going to buy something for $60…We want something in our hands, that we could do whatever with…Something we could own!!”
            Just like Steam games then?

            “They want to move towards cloud gaming to stop used games…But, in doing so will take away our ability to lend to a friend, rent games through gamefly, sell OUR games, or simply make it more difficult to play our game on multiple systems”
            You OBVIOUSLY weren’t informed of the features that they had in place before they CUT the DRM.

            Gamers are never happy. You could make the perfect console, but people would still have something to pick at. Your final sentence doesn’t even make sense, you describe a situation that’s happening right now with the PS4 beating the Xbox One out of the water but the ‘console war’ is more present than ever. Just pick whichever console you prefer for whatever reason, and leave everyone else to buy whatever console they want.

          • Trey

            In this case the console features and abilities, are indeed diminished. Microsoft being such an avocet company. Yet they’re wasting time and making a gaming console, into everything. It’s a waste of resources.. It’s a waste a valuable time and energy. They want us to pay $500 on extra features, that we will barely use or don’t want. I’m simply looking to buy a gaming console, for the pure gaming. A phone we carry everywhere with yes bonus features and abilities are crucial TO A PHONE. For those boring times in an office, mini games to help PASS TIME, etc. Unless they are looking to make the Xbox1 portable like a phone, certain things serve no purpose.

            There is a difference between steam gaming, and a company simply trying to push digital gaming only. Yes, Microsoft is headed into that direction.

            Yes they cut the drm. But only due to gamers making sure their voice was heard. Why they thought certain policies were a good idea in the first place, is beyond me. Really, 24-hour internet check-ins. They wanted to push and shove the gamers to do something. Then, realized it won’t work. Then, went back and tried playing cleanup…Like o never mind we won’t be doing that anymore. It’s too late, you already tried bullying your consumers.

            I didn’t state the perfect console. I stated a dream console. A console in which could be presented in the present time, and have gamers like,”Wow!! that console is far better than what I thought it would be”. Dreams are fulfilled at present time, and replaced by new ones for the future.

            The PS4 is blowing the Xbox1 out the water, because of mistakes by Microsoft. It could’ve easily been neck and neck. The systems are pretty similar in specs. When I mention blow the other console out the water. I’m talking gaming specs. Something you could play and hands down know you’re playing the better console. Not only by facts of superior software and hardware. But, by simply playing it.

            I’m a gamer…meaning I’m looking for the console in which will provide a better gaming experience (cause that’s what I look in a gaming console). Not movie or show experience. Just like a phone…I’m simply looking to talk and text. I could careless about everything else. Always look towards the core of it all. Phones are used to talk to other people.
            Gaming consoles are used to game.
            Which one will provide the best?

            I’m not on neither side of the console war.
            I simply go with the one that would provide the best gaming experience.

          • Newton

            Yes but with your loud complaining to Microsoft about their console has ruined it for the people who did actually want the features they were offering.

            The people running their mouths on the internet are the vocal majority but in terms of the total people buying consoles, they are the minority and since they have been loudly protesting these features instead of just saying “Okay, I’ll get a PS4 since it is offering the things I want.” you have made Microsoft change what they had originally planned to do and put back gaming advancement.

            What we are getting now isn’t advancement it is just the consumer getting what they want to hear but no necessarily what is good for them…people don’t like change so it has to be forced upon them and only afterward do they see that what they had before was worse.

            Games consoles shouldn’t just be gaming orientated, if you want to have something that is geared toward JUST gaming, buy a bloody computer with good specs to play on. If you want better graphics you buy a computer not a console, buying a console solely for the graphics is a just plain stupid. You buy a console because it provides the services that suitable for what you need them for be it PS4 or X-One.

            It may surprise you to know that people were actually interested in what Microsoft were offering its just they didn’t feel the need to force their opinions down everyones throats. Yeah sure a few did the same as the PS4 Hive-mind, but the scale of that is like 1:10. I would happily buy a X-One if only to get away from all the annoying circle-jerkers making their way towards the PS4.

            The circle-jerking on /r/gaming made me unsubscribe from the bloody subreddit because of how annoying people were being, it turned from a competitive PS3 vs. X360 community to a Sony Boning horde spraying their opinion about how much they hate the Xbox One all over Reddit, literally overnight.

          • angryguy77


            You never bothered to read what their policies actually were did you?

            They allowed you to let up to 10 people access you your digital library from their home.

            They said you would be able to buy used and trade. They left it up to the developers to restrict this if they wanted. Sony said developers are free to restrict as well. I realize they said it would be the same as it was under the PS3, but they are giving devs the options to do online passes etc. What’s to say these passes won’t be to encourage you to not buy used?

            You could gift your games to a friend. Charge your friend for the game and you then can say you sold the game.

            You’re theory about the X1 not being great for gaming is flawed. If that were the case, PC’s would be terrible for gaming since you can do so much more than just game on them. Just because the X1 has a lot of features, doesn’t mean it can’t game either. MS didn’t exit the gaming world, they designed a system to let you do more. I can assure you that there are a lot of other people who are going to look at the system and buy it because it does more than just gaming.

            I’ll bet you any amount of $ that by the time we have the official specs of both systems, they will be awfully close to each other. MS made a gaming system first, but gave it some bells and whistles to boot. Look at the game lineup they have and how much money they’ve invested(1 Billion) and it’s clear they are not putting us gamers in the backseat.

            PS3 will be a great system, and so will the X1.

  • pawn65

    Ill buy it when the price drops!