Rumor Patrol: Activision Planning to Buy Take-Two Interactive

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Activision Planning to Acquire Take-Two

Activision has had everyone’s attention this week after making a couple of big decisions that will ensure the company sees healthy profits in the near future. Today, rumors are floating around the internet that the biggest decision is still yet to come. Word has it that Activision is planning on buying one of their biggest rivals in Take-Two Interactive.

As stated before, these rumors are hot on the heals of two other business decisions made by the publisher. The first was the launch of Beachhead Studio, a team designed to bring more digital content to the Call of Duty series. The other was the end of the ever-popular Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises. A decision that shocked much of the gaming community.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Take-Two Interactive is responsible for publishing some of the biggest titles in the industry. Games like Bioshock, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and the upcoming L.A. Noire are all under the Take-Two umbrella. If Activision acquires their rival, this will bring the publisher ever so closer to world domination.

World domination may be a bit extreme (or is it?), but fitting since many gamers aren’t big fans of Activision’s past business practices. This week’s announcement of the end of the Guitar Hero franchise hit a sour note with many gamers, who blame the poor sales of the titles on Activision’s over saturation of the market.

Rumors of Activision’s planned purchase of Take-Two may raise concerns about the fates of some of the industries most beloved franchises. The publisher already has Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarchwith Raven Software as backup – working to ensure a Call of Duty gets released every year. Gamers may fear that this treatment may also happen to GTA and other Take-Two franchises, thus devaluing their quality.

The purchase of Take-Two by Activision will no doubt be big news in the industry, but until we get official word gamers shouldn’t worry too much. They also should keep their eyes here on Game Rant for any developments in this story.

How would you feel about an Activision take over of Take-Two? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Rob Keyes

    I hate, HATE when companies buy other game publishers and it always results in franchises ending or being ruined (see: EA on everything)

    Remember Westwood and the GOOD Command & Conquers?

    Remember Origins and the sweet Wing Commander games?

  • Matt Bowman

    As long as they leave Irrational and Rockstar alone and let them continue to do their things it shouldnt matter. Kind of like they did when they merged with Blizzard. Hopefully some lessons were learned through Guitar Hero about beating a franchise to death on a yearly basis for them to do that with Take Two properties, but you never know with Activision. You would think they learned their lesson with GH but the same will probably happen with CoD.

  • Christian Spicer

    Do not want.

  • Riley Little

    That would just be insane. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t come to fruition because Take Two can survive just fine on their own.

  • Hell Naw

    They better not. I believe we should all get on their forums and tell them that it would be the stupidest idea ever. And if they end up doing it, well we’ll know they’re just money hungry like the rest of them and don’t care about gaming anymore, because they have made some awesome games, games that feel like games, not Trash like CoD.

    • Maheen Ali

      I agree, I mean MW2 and Black ops feel so boring and the same, I bought RDR and I love it it feels like good old gaming at it’s best!

  • Sebastian Gaweda

    Take Two did turn away EA, so hopefully that’s what they’ll do with Activision as well. It’s not like Take Two doesn’t have a lot going for them. They can definitely take a larger piece of the the pie if they just stay on course.

  • hudson

    lol this would probably result in a new gta every year.

    • Jordamo

      No, two every year, and third company working on an MMO. God I hate Activision.

  • classified

    What we should do is get some dirt up on activision and send emails to take2. Like all the stuff thats been happening and the things they’ve said/done. Cause I really love take2 and I don’t want to see them getting their rep tainted and destroyed by activision.

  • Maheen Ali

    It would be rubbish for Activision to buy take-two. Games like Red dead Redemption and GTA IV are lobed by many fans because they have a key element which makes them great. And games by ROCKSTAR Aren’t released every year so it makes them more valuable.
    Call of Duty on the other Hand has a new installment every year. So when say black ops came put it’s the top CoD game, but when MW3? comes out then black ops will
    Be useless to many people, games like GTA and RDR have the element that even if another ROCKSTAR GAME comes out you can still have fun on their older games. If activision buy take-two then ROCKSTAR games will be RUINED!

    • Maheen Ali

      Loved by many fans^