DICE Might Bring Back an Old ‘Star Wars’ Game Series

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DICE Old Star Wars Series

With Electronic Arts now completely in control of all core Star Wars games moving forward, they can follow one of three paths. They can ignore all the LucasArts creations that have come before them and make completely new games, they can revive old Star Wars franchises (Battlefront, Republic Commando, Tie Fighter), or they can make new games and revive old franchises.

Obviously, door number 3 is the preferable option, because it allows Electronic Arts the freedom to use Star Wars as they see fit while also pleasing die-hard fans. And, almost as if they have read fans’ minds, Electronic Arts appears to be doing that: choosing the third path.

According to the WSJ, EA is expanding their LA presence with a new DICE studio, taking some talent from Danger Close Games (formerly EA Los Angeles) with the goal of expanding by recruit new talent. Since the Medal of Honor franchise is on ice yet again, and since the dev worked with DICE closely on the MoH reboot, it’s easy to understand why Danger Close resources would be shifted. Obviously, one would assume that the talent recruitment office would be focused on assisting DICE with Battlefield, seeing as how that franchise has seemingly become EA’s bread-and-butter, but alas this is a Star Wars facility.

As DICE GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson tells the WSJ, DICE needs talent for “creating an entirely new experience or piggybacking on an older Star Wars game series.” Yes, this office is for recruiting folks fit to create the next generation of Star Wars games.

Not only that, there’s a possibility DICE’s new game will be from an older Star Wars game series. Since long before EA acquired the Star Wars license from Disney, we’ve been speculating that DICE is the perfect developer to revive the Battlefront series, but we’re not going to get our hopes up just yet.

At the same time, this is also just one team, or set of teams, that is handling Star Wars development. Both BioWare and Visceral Games are reportedly working on Star Wars titles, which means there’s plenty more potential matchmaking to be done between old franchises and developers.

For now, though, EA is still discussing their plans for Star Wars, which they may or may not have discussed with Disney already. And rest assured, EA is not looking to rush these games out — DICE has only just begun recruiting after all.

Would you like to see DICE develop a new Star Wars game or bringing back an older franchise? If it’s an older franchise, which one do you think it should be?

Source: WSJ

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  • philip

    here’s hoping it’s battlefront 3.

  • philip

    i hope it’s battlefront 3

  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    Battlefront 3.

    Followed by Rogue Squadron sequel, Dark Forces/Jedi Knight sequel, etc. a single player KOTOR would be great…. Less likely, but much desired: more Pod Racing, Force Unleashed, Tie Fighter, etc.

  • mike

    If they do battlefront I don’t think it will be called battlefront. Sounds too similar to battlefield and may cause consumer confusion. Battlefield 4 on a shelf next to battlefront 3, might damage sales for those not in the know

  • Anonymous

    Battlefront 3, a direct third KOTOR. Not tied into the goofs on the mmo. Get rid of that crap. Then finally I’d like to see a somewhat original Star Wars game. Maybe a strategy one? Like endwar.
    On a mobile front, a starwars tower defense style mobile game would be hilarious and awesome at the same time. Still though, my biggest desires are the first two listed and I hope BIOWARE decides to properly continue with the knights of the old republic as it should have continued.

    • SV

      Tower defense with Ewoks! Those cute little guys are perfect for a mobile game. Cuteness is mass appeal and Star Wars theme brings in the rest of those not included in the “masses” 😀

      First priorities for me though are Rogue Squadron and Battlefront revivals. My only request is to put effort in to the campaign on both. Multiplayer will obviously be a large part of both if they’re to release on current/next gen consoles but a good campaign in a Star Wars game gets me all excited haha. If I had my way I’d say co-op campaign for both but that might just be me dreaming haha.

  • Joey

    Super Star Wars series.

  • Andrew

    Anything that allows me to shoot a bunch of random crap like ewoks, jawas and other cute creatures in addition to flying, controlling machines and being a sith. Maybe a battlefront game with the option to customize your own character!

  • GaygameR

    everyone wants battlefront 3 (for me so long as the first person perspective is still available as an option.) republic commando 2 is a must. i would like a third Force Unleashed and a 4th Rouge Squadron game. other than that i dont really know. but its awesome you guys used the image up there from Super Empire Strikes back! god that brings back SOOOOOOO many memories.

  • Xigbar

    Dark Forces, DARK FORCES!!!

    • GaygameR

      the original Doomish star wars fps? hmmmmmmmmmm okay thatll be good too :)

  • GaygameR

    id kinda like to see another podracing game tbh. :)

  • fanofgames

    Battelfront 3 and KOTOR 3. Bring back the good star wars games…

  • fanofgames

    Battelfront 3 and KOTOR 3 would be the best move they could make IMO. Those two series were acouple of the best star wars games ever. Bring them back, and dont make the games so child friendly. Because thats whats ruined star wars over the last 10 years, all the childish cartoons and video games. Theyve vurtualy destroyed any relationship between the original fans of the

    • fanofgames

      Oops lol darn phone, meant to finish off with fans of the series.

  • ponchobill

    I know many of you out there don’t like the prequels, but I would like to see the prequels done in the Super Star Wars style!

    • Justin Loomis

      Im up for it. Do a HD Release, put all six of the games together. I was waiting for Super Star Wars: The Phantom Menace when I was younger. My mom even thought she heard someone talking about that at work when I was a kid.

  • albodibran

    Did I read that correctly? Bioware is reported to be working on a new star wars game for EA? or is this just a blatant rumor? I hope its a new single player KOTOR!

  • Dionysus

    Star wars Battle Front 3. Here’s to hoping Ea Will listen to us!

  • dan

    1. KotOR 3.
    2. Republic Commando 2
    3. Bounty Hunter 2

  • http://youtube.com/ogaaboga Ogaaboga

    I think EA could get some really good PR if they gave the entire original battlefront 3 team their jobs back and reformed that studio to finish that game

  • boogoo

    Ewok RPG!!!

  • Sweetjumps

    Republic commando 2, nuff said

  • megarock58

    I want a sequel to Star Wars X-wing Alliance.