Helldivers Review

‘Helldivers’ Review

‘Helldivers’ is an isometric co-op shooter that favors challenge and strategy over all else, and despite a lack of variety is extremely satisfying when played with friends.

by Anthony Taormina  | 1 hour ago

OlliOlli2 Review

‘OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood’ Review

Although ‘OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel as the original game did, as a continuation of last year’s skating brilliance it definitely succeeds.

by Jasmine Henry  | 2 days ago

ScreamRide Review

Review: ‘ScreamRide’ Offers Fun Thrills & Variety in Bite-Sized Form

‘ScreamRide’ lets player’s latent roller coaster fantasies free, indulging every creative and borderline sadistic idea with arcade-style, high score-focused gameplay.

by Anthony Taormina  | 3 days ago

Lost Constellation

Review: ‘Lost Constellation’ Teases ‘Night in the Woods’ but Satisfies as a Standalone Experience

Lost Constellation, a supplemental game to the upcoming Night in the Woods, is a piece of beautifully written and designed point-and-click folklore that feels like a creepy bedtime story.

by Melissa Loomis  | 7 days ago


Review: ‘Evolve’ Works Well With a Coordinated Team, But Replay Value is Limited

When ‘Evolve’ hits all the right notes it succeeds at delivering a tense and dynamic boss battles, but if just one thing goes wrong it loses its appeal rather quickly.

by Anthony Taormina  | 1 week ago

Hatoful Boyfriend

‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ Review

‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ is a bizarre, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes terrifying adventure where you can also date a variety of birds. Yes, you can date birds.

by Melissa Loomis  | 1 week ago


Grand Theft Auto Online (Heists)

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Heists Hands-On Previews & Teaser

A short teaser and a host of hands-on impressions make the long-awaited ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ multiplayer heists sound like they’ll be worth the wait.

by Christopher Gates | 1 hour ago1 Comment

Elite: Dangerous (Xbox One)

‘Elite: Dangerous’ Announced for Xbox One, Supports Windows 10 Cross-Buy

David Braben’s latest installment in the ‘Elite’ franchise is coming to the Xbox One this summer, with all of the extra content of the PC version and a Windows 10 cross-buy option.

by Christopher Gates | 1 day ago2 Comments

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Bethesda Reveals ‘Wolfenstein: The Old Blood’, Standalone Prequel to ‘The New Order’

Bethesda announces a standalone prequel to ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ titled ‘Wolfenstein: The Old Blood’. The DLC will feature missions, new weapons and plenty of Nazis to kill.

by Boston Blake | 1 day ago2 Comments

Final Fantasy 15 (Dungeon Demo)

‘Final Fantasy 15′ Demo Gameplay & Trailer

A new video from Square Enix dares players to ‘step into the shadows,’ showing off ‘Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ducsae’s’ dungeon crawling and action-oriented combat.

by Christopher Gates | 5 days ago3 Comments

Mortal Kombat X Story Trailer

‘Mortal Kombat X’ Story Trailer Reveals Several New Characters

New characters, returning characters and bone-crunching action are all on display in the first story trailer for the hotly-anticipated ‘Mortal Kombat X’.

by Brad Jones | 6 days ago2 Comments

Hyrule Warriors Ganon DLC Launch Trailer

‘Hyrule Warriors’ Playable Ganon DLC Gets Launch Trailer

Nintendo has released a launch trailer to coincide with the Japanese release of new DLC for ‘Hyrule Warriors’ – with the focus on the immense and playable Ganon.

by Riley Little | 1 week agoNo Comments