Top 5 Pokemon That Need Mega Evolutions in ‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’

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5 Pokemon That Need Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon That Need Mega Evolutions X Y Much to the delight (or sheer horror) of fans, The Pokemon Company revealed that a handful of existing creatures will be receiving new forms known as Mega Evolutions in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games. These temporary forms bestow a great amount of power upon certain monsters for a limited time, allowing them to become a much more serious threat once entering the battlefield. Thus far only a few monsters have been confirmed as recipients of the Mega treatment — the latest being Charizard, Blastoise and Venasaur — but this got us thinking about what other Pocket Monsters may be next in line. That's what inspired us at Game Rant to create a list of the top five Pokemon that need to have Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y. Considering there are 649 currently up for capture, it wasn't easy picking just five deserving of an additional evolutionary stage. Let's begin.

Mega Gengar

Pokemon X Y Mega Gengar Making its original debut in Pokemon Red and Blue, Gengar was one of the first creatures ever to be seen by avid players as it was featured prominently in the opening cinematic for the games. As a third stage Ghost/Poison-type, this monster has spread copious amounts of terror across the world of Pokemon and we imagine a Mega Evolution would only better equip the spectre to continue its mischief. Couple that with the fact that saying 'Mega Gengar' is just as much fun as we imagine the entirety of Pokemon X and Y to be and there's really no reason why this Pokemon should receive the cold Mega-less shoulder from Game Freak.

Mega Dragonite

Pokemon X Y Mega Dragonite The introduction of the new Fairy-type in Pokemon X and Y was implemented to deepen the franchise itself and add another type that's strong against Dragon. Although Dragonite will be faced with a few more challenges while the franchise enters its 6th generation, there's little doubt that the monster deserves a Mega Evolution to stand up to these new fairy-powered foes. Mega Dragonite is something that just makes sense given the creatures popularity, and many trainers would be more than happy to add an even stronger version of the Poke to their roster. Plus, everyone knows that Dragonite would look pretty darn awesome if it had an evolution; despite the stone required to make it evolve hypothetically being labeled 'Dragonitenite'.

Mega Steelix

Pokemon X Y Mega Steelix As the evolved form of Onix, Steelix made its debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver — effectively helping to introduce the once new Steel-type to the entire franchise. Since Steelix can easily be considered one of the more intimidating powerhouses throughout the franchise (the creature is over 30ft tall and weighs almost 9oolbs, after all), a Mega Evolution is the next logical step for the "iron snake" Pokemon. Mega Steelix just makes sense for X and Y, and there's very little reason for there not to be a new form for the immense beast.

Mega Gyrados

Pokemon X Y Mega Gyrados Those who are familiar with the lore behind Gyrados know that it's not a beast to be trifled with. Appearing at places around the world that are in conflict, the creature is known to burn down entire cities if and when it gets enraged — making it easily one of the most fearsome monsters in the Pokemon kingdom. It's for these very reasons that a Mega Evolution of Gyrados needs to exist. Mega Gyrados would only add to the sheer power and intimidation that the original currently represents. Suffice to say, there are very few drawbacks to having an evolution of the Flying/Water-type; minus its susceptibility to electric attacks.

Mega Mew

Pokemon X Y Mega Mew Given that Mega Mewtwo is a legitimate threat debuting in Pokemon X and Y, it only makes sense that the creature in which Mewtwo drew life from receives its own temporary evolution. Given the cutesy demeanour of Mewtwo's source material, Mew, a Mega Evolution could allow for the hard-to-capture Legendary to take on a more intimidating role reminiscent of its clone — or become even more awe-inducing with additional adorableness. Mega Mew opens the door to a possible Fairy/Psychic-type mashup if Game Freak so desires to take that route. If the monster's clone warrants its own evolution then it'd be too odd for Mew not to follow suite given that it existed first in the game's mythology.


Pokemon That Need Mega Evolutions X Y That completes our list of the five Pokemon that we feel need to have Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y, but there are a number of other beasts that are more than deserving of their own evolutions. Of course, this list is simply a matter of our personal opinions, so what do you think Ranters? Which other Pocket Monsters do you feel need to have their own respective Mega Evolutions in the next set of core Pokemon games? - Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hit the Nintendo 3DS this October 12th. Follow Riley on Twitter @TheRileyLittle.
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  1. Would you look at that, Gengar and Gyarados both got Mega forms, as did Garchomp.

    I’d love to see the Legendary Golems get Mega Forms, cuz, let’s face it, they are the worst Legendary Trio in the games.

  2. Personally I dont like the mega evolutions for a few reasons:

    1. They made the already OP pokemon even more OP, minus the not being able to use Choice items, leftovers, Life Orb, ECT… is a plus but still.

    2.They shoulda gave other pokemon evolutions to give them a chance in competative play.

    3. I dont like that they gave the more Iconic Mons Mega forms like almost everyones fav original starter Chirizard 2 forms they shoulda given all the starters 2 forms.. Blastoise FTW!!

    4. I think this is going to destroy pokemon honestly and if Im wrong go ahead and laugh at me but its just my opinion. I think theyre running out of new ideas of new pokemon so they just increase older mons..

    5. And Mega Mewtwo really? Come on!!!!!

    • Oh heck no, The megas are making them more creative! That doesn’t show at all that they could be running out of Pokemon ideas, they could have made the Megas Evolutions instead. Plus, have you seen the new Kalos Pokemon? Even if they are running out of ideas, i don’t care as long as they look as cool as the Kalos ones! Plus, they don’t always make the OP Pokemon have Megas. Look at Kangaskhan, Mawile, Aerodactyl, Absol, Etc! Those Pokemon have DEFINATLY been used ALOT more then they have in previous games. This adds more variety to Battles, as it’ll be harder to predict what Pokemon they will have. And at Number 2, They’re probably gonna add more in future games due to their popularity. Don’t worry

      • Hey Kangaskhan isn’t bad at all. I remember in fire red and leaf green he was one of the best pokes. :(

  3. i would love to see a mega ninetales

    • me too

  4. there is a mega gyrados

  5. I think there should be a mega wevile, donphan, galalie, and butterfree, beedrill, and finally mega mr.mime. i also think all under populated pokemon should have mega evolutions too.

    • i agree i would just absolutely LOVE a mega weevile mega donphan mega galalie mega mr mime mega beedrill and mega butterfree their mega forms would look just completely EPIC!

  6. since charizard blastoise blazekin and venasaur have mega evolutions i think it is approiate for all the other starters to mega evolve too.

    • me too

  7. I think that there should be a mega houndoom cuz lets face it he, is awesome

    • There is.

  8. i think there should be a mega mamoswine called mamoswinian and a mega delphox called delphoxinite

  9. Heck yes Dragonite! I would love to see a Mega Ninetails as well

  10. These are the Pokemon that need mega evolution lapras,Rapidash,kingdra,krookodile,zoroark.

  11. Um, Gengar and Gyarados DO have mega forms, though I do like the idea of a cuter form of mew.

  12. Water/Fairy Mega Milotic?

  13. I think that darkrai should be able to mega evolve.

  14. now that mewtwo has a mega i think mew should have a mega because mewtwo was created out of mew’s DNA so that means its in mew’s DNA to mega evolve so its only right for mew to get a mega.

  15. Add mega Typhlosion.
    The smokey one and the volcano back one!

  16. Mega Gallade, Mega Typhlosion, Mega Meganium, Mega Feraligatr and Mega Yanmega are the mega evolutions you shouldve added!

  17. what the heck, u know what i think? why in the world would such a lame pokemon like kangaskan get a mega evloution and not one that deserved it, like Typhlosion, or Flygon!?

  18. For one I think ssince 4 other starter pokemon got mega evolutions then the others should also and #2 is that since mega evolution started in kalos at least the starter Pokemon should have mega evolutions


  20. mega umbreon

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