Top 5 Pokemon Most Likely to Appear in ‘Super Smash Bros.’

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An Introduction

Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Gamers have been enjoying the latest pair of Pokemon games since they hit earlier this month. Game Rant's review of Pokemon X and Y even heralded the titles as the best installments the series has ever seen, and the sheer amount of gameplay coupled with the quality of the actual content leaves very little left to be desired. Praise for the games aside, focus on which of these new and pre-existing monsters will appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has started to set in amongst the masses. It's confirmed that new Pokemon will be appearing in the forthcoming Smash Bros. games — with Xerneas being spotted in a recent screenshot — so Pokemon X and Y will be represented in some form or another. With excitement for both games understandably high, we at Game Rant decided to compose a list of the top five Pocket Monsters we feel are the most likely to make a playable appearance in the next Smash titles. We've selected characters that weren't playable in Brawl but are feasibly the most likely to score a coveted spot in the crossover-centric beat 'em up. This means we haven't included Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer, or Lucario, so don't be alarmed by their absence on this list. Without any further ado, let's get to it.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Meowth Originally intended to be a character in the Nintendo 64's Super Smash Bros., Meowth has been a trademark rival to franchise mascot Pikachu since the series kicked off. Still remaining a villain to this day due to his association with Team Rocket in the ongoing anime, Meowth is one of the strongest candidates for inclusion in a new Smash Bros. game. Despite the feline's continued relevance however, other creatures have risen to prominence in recent years, making this cat's chances of appearing in a playable form slightly slimmer. Still, he's remained one of the more requested Smash participants throughout the series' existence and handily deserves a spot on our list.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Genesect Recently scoring a prominent role in the latest Pokemon movie, Genesect has peaked in popularity — making it more likely than ever to be considered for a spot in the Super Smash Bros. roster. The once extinct creature was resurrected by Team Plasma and outfitted with a cannon to serve the morally flawed organization as it attempted to liberate Pokemon from their trainers. Long story short, it didn't work and Genesect escaped. Sounds like another familiar story from the Pokemon universe... Genesect has a wide range of combat options that would make it a serious threat to many combatants featured in Smash Bros., and it'd sure be a lot of fun to play as given its heightened maneuverability and hodgepodge of ranged/physical attacks. Anyone who picked up a copy of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 were also able to download Genesect for a limited time, making this a rather heavily desired creature.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Blaziken As one of the more popular Pokemon in recent years, Blaziken has once again resurfaced as a viable combatant in the new Super Smash Bros. once it scored a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y. With Torchic being given away as a special promotion for the launch of the new games, it's obvious that Game Freak is still very much aware of which monsters its fans are fond of. Blaziken would be a nimble brawler with an emphasis on physical attacks, but would still have ranged fire attacks if the developers felt so inclined. It's Final Smash could even feature it evolving into Mega Blaziken. It all sounds good to us, but whether or not Nintendo agrees remains to be seen.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Zoroark Starring in its own film in 2010, Zoroark was the first 5th generation Pokemon ever revealed, which puts it in a favorable position when it comes down to deciding which Pocket Monsters will make the transition to the next Smash Bros. game. Zoroark was previously unobtainable in Pokemon Black and White, requiring trainers to go through a special in-game event in order to secure the illusive Dark-type. Zoroark is capable of taking on the form of other monsters it battles with, earning the nickname 'the mirage Pokemon'. This ability could come in handy during battle against Mario and friends and it could take on the form of any other Pocket Monster on this list, allowing it to represent several different Pokes in a similar fashion to Pokemon Trainer.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Pokemon Mewtwo Mewtwo is the first Legendary to ever rear its genetically man-made head. Created by Team Rocket in an attempt to clone the mythical Mew, this Pokemon has unbelievable strength and is considered by many to be one of the strongest obtainable monsters. In the anime, Mewtwo has once again risen to prominence by starring in a new feature length film as the only force capable of competing against a pack of rampaging Genesect. Mewtwo was believed to be a shoe-in for Super Smash Bros. Brawl after its appearance in Melee, but sadly it didn't come to be despite the sound files for the character found within the code for the game. Since the failed experiment-turned living weapon has become a poster boy of sorts for Pokemon X and Y as a result of its two new Mega Evolutions, there's little doubt that Mewtwo will be coming back. Whether or not it'll appear in its original form is anyone's guess, but a Final Smash featuring at least one of its Mega Evolutions makes the most sense for this veteran in our eyes.


Pokemon X Y Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS are easily contenders for the most anticipated game of 2014, and we're sure that the devs will select some interesting and unique combatants for them. Franchise director Masahiro Sakurai has already confirmed that not all fighters will be returning, which means that some Pokemon may get the axe — Lucario even topped our list of the top 5 characters unlikely to return. That said, there's still time left before the two fighting games hit store shelves, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more character reveals as they happen. What do you think of our list, Ranters? Which Pokemon do you think should make a playable appearance in the new Super Smash Bros. games? - Follow Riley on Twitter @TheRileyLittle.

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  • AverageGamer

    I would agree with Mewtwo alone, eventhough it’s not my favorite.
    Imagine if they implement both of his Mega Evolutions in the game, with Xerneas appearing as cameo when it morphs into X, and Yveltal for the Y. Gonna be EPIC!

  • majora

    Pokemon trainer with the gen 2 starters cause feraligatr would be bad ass to play as

  • Joel Pole

    They should keep Mewtwo, but in the story mode, if there is one, you collect the Mega Mewtwo Stones. Before you go into battle, you can enter a secret code (eg:A+B+Z), which is a bit similar to Samus and Zero Suit Samus in Brawl.Or, another idea is to have the Mega Evolutions playable from the Character Select scene, similar to Wario in Brawl, where you could chose from the Old Wario and the New Wario.

  • Phoenix

    Sakurai has already confirmed that no character that has been cut before will be returning. So no Roy, no Pichu, no Dr. Mario, and no Mewtwo. He could still do a Mega Mewtwo but from what he’s said, Mewtwo will not be returning to Smash.

    • Riley Little

      Do you have a link to where he said that?

    • Austen

      He also said Smash Bros Brawl would be the last entry in the series.

  • J

    Dude. As soon as you said Blaziken, everything else up til then became worthless. If Blaziken’s not a fighter in this game, Santa won’t deliver Christmas presents any more.

  • Ash

    Could be a big rant…

    Meowth is a perfect fit cause he’s so human-like but a pokemon as well. His list of moves could be amazing! They could involve him using weapons that him and team rocket always stole or created because he rarely ever battled. Pay Day will would make an appearance but other than that.. I’d imagine a lot of funny gadgets would make this cat’s moveset making him so unique to the other pokemon.

    Would also love to see Mewtwo’s return.

    Blaiziken is a fire/fighting pkmn which is perfect for the series! Fighting type just makes sense! Their attacks wouldn’t be complicated or silly because it’s a simple pkmn type. Low kicks or a karate chops, double kicks, cross chops, vital throws, seismic tosses, counters, sumbissions, body slams, sky uppercuts, fire punches, the list is huge!

    Having said that… Above all those three, I’d love to see Machop/Machoke/Machamp combination because they are thee classic Fighting pokemon from the original games.

    I see it working like this:

    Machop is the pickable character and you would not be able to choose Machoke/Machamp but.. Machop will evolve through time, let’s say a minute to the next evolution to make it easy (maybe percentages could work too). Then when he is evolving you could cancel his evolution if you choose because each evolution would have it’s perks (as does cancelling them). Machop being more agile and not as powerful, Machoke being more balanced having speed and strength and Machamp being a powerful four-armed monster who isn’t very quick. Machop/Machoke would have the same moves (just balanced differently) and Machamp’s moves would have to alter cause ya know, four arms and all. Just picture how great Machamp would be. Especially when you’ve stayed alive for long enough to acheive Machamp. It’d be just like Pokemon, work hard on evolving to become stronger. In this case, stay alive and try not to receive too much damage cause if you reach Machamp, you’ll be rewarded by his strength.

    This approach would never happen and is something that could be too complicating for most players. But I think it would be extremely unique among all characters in smash. Oh and the reason for Jiggly/Pikachu/Lucario for not having evolution, in game, would simply be: jiggly needs a moon stone, pikachu needs a thunderstone, lucario doesn’t evolve and pkmn trainer chose his team to be the way that it is. Machop is wild baby, nobody’s training him but himself!

    Evolution is the biggest part of pokemon, so why not have it in smash bros? Evolving my pkmn is the main reason I played pokemon. The Machop family would fit into smash so easil but unfortunately I know I’ll never see him in these games. I’m just saying it would be AWESOME!

  • anonymous

    How ironic none of the Pokemon on this list made it.
    Although Genesect made it in the form of a Poke Ball