5 Important ‘Battlefield 3′ Multiplayer Tips

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Battlefield 3 Flashlight

2. Play your class

A pivotal part in Battlefield 3, like its predecessors, are the different classes. Each class is meant to do something specific and it would be wise to play your class the way it was meant to be played. The four classes: Assault, Recon, Support, and Engineer are all capable of shooting the other team, but they all have different jobs that support the team in other ways. For example, the Assault class, which has also taken on the role of Medic, are on the front lines and there to assist other players who might have been downed by resuscitating them. If someone goes down or requests health, use your class kit. You aid the team and you get points, win-win. Keeping players up or reviving them goes a long way to making your respawn tickets count.

The same could be said with the Support class, who can dish out ammo like it was going out of style. Support classes are capable of providing an unlimited amount of ammo and grenades to teammates. In addition to providing ammo, Support is also capable of utilizing the LMG to provide large amounts of suppressive fire, a new feature to the game which awards players for doing so and at the same time, negatively impacts the opposing player under fire. Remember, it’s about the team victory, not being greedy with K/D.

Throughout each map, you will notice several crates or containers dotting certain areas, these are choke points. Utilizing the LMG’s bi-pod (going prone or setting up near a container), laying out ammo, and coordinating with teammates can result in effectively holding a position indefinitely.

If you decide to play an Engineer, your primary objectives involve friendly vehicle upkeep and destruction of enemy vehicles. Any vehicle in Battlefield 3 can make the difference between victory and loss in any skirmish, so keeping them functioning is very important. Stay close to vehicles and be mindful of when they get destroyed. Vehicles do respawn, but it takes time. Why bother waiting when you can repair? Also, killing enemy with a blowtorch is just as fun as killing them with a defibrillator.

One note for Engineers, do not run around with your flashlight on all the time when near teammates. It blinds everyone, not just enemies. Not only that, it will also give away your position pretty easily in close quarter scenarios. If you want to utilize if properly, use it as a defensive measure to blind an enemy once you get the drop on him.

Lastly, the Recon class is just that, recon. Whether you opt to snipe or run with a SMG/PDW, getting in and laying down a Radio Beacon to aid closer team spawns, utilizing motion sensors near objectives or choke points, or using the laser designator to tag enemy armor is all important. Stay mobile and stay alive, Recon can usually serve as a good class to spawn on because of their relative closeness, provided they don’t get killed because someone saw their scope glint.

Each class is geared to excel at certain tasks, play each one and figure out what you like the best. Just remember, when you play in squads, it’s not entirely beneficial to have nothing but Recon. Just saying.

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  • battlefield 3 tips

    Point # 1 “This is not Call of Duty”.


    I get so tired logging onto the battlefield and everyone on my team just running straight to the action and getting killed. BF3 is about teamwork. I usually don’t even log on anymore unless I’m doing a lan party with 3 of my friends. We play together towards the objective and usually come out on top. Thanks for the article.

    • irixzone

      is true, this is my tag: irixzone (PC and PS3), lets play like teamwork, Sometimes don’t know with who to play…

  • OogieBoogie3 (PS3)

    Teamwork and objective play is the best way to win. Kill to Death ratios mean nothing, score means everything. If you play for kills, you are going to play terrible, if you play for the objective; those kills come naturally along with it, because that is where everybody is going to be. Also learn to use what you have been give, such as defensive placed AT launchers and MGs, and main battle tanks. You are given everything you need to be successful, and in the end it all comes down to player skill and how well you coordinate and execute your objective as a team. I would know, 127 MVPs, even more within the top 3. You can come in first place with no kills easy. But don’t think getting kills is impossible, on certain maps, you rack up more than a game of Domination on MW3.

    • Cyryl

      K/D ratio is NOT meaningless. It is simply one element among many that reflect the skill of a player.

      I really wish people would quit conveniently discounting various aspects of the game.

      A higher K/D with a good skill score shows a good player. If you’ve got a high skill score but a negative K/D… I can’t say that I’d want you in MY squad. You’re not much of an asset to the rest of us if you’re DEAD all of the time.

      You might be good at blowing up tanks and getting plenty of points for it… But that doesn’t mean that you’re moving toward the objective or giving cover fire for me while =I= do.

      A careful player who knows when to move and is able to tactically assess his situation is a much more valuable one. This includes setting up choke points to funnel enemies through and take them down. This often helps distract the enemy team while the rest of your team moves toward an objective. It also results in a better K/D if you can hold the position and take them down by the handful.

      K/D is just as important as any other statistic in a player’s profile when it comes to reflecting skill. Don’t be so damn quick to dismiss it.

      • Joe Funky

        I’d have to disagree… I’d take that Engineer nailing those tanks over the guy that goes 30 and 5. Why? Because more than likely, that 30 and 5 guy literally runs around the MCOM waiting for enemies to come for kills instead of planting it. On the other hand, that Engineer cleared the road of an M1 and him and the rest of my squad rush up, arm that MCOM, and blow it up. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad to have a good K/D and get kills, but unless you’re on defense (maybe), just killing people and ignoring everything else pretty much kills the point of what Battlefield is supposed to be, especially if you’re a Medic who passes by his whole dead squad instead of reviving them, only using the class for the Med Kit.

        • Cyryl

          You mean the same engineer who constantly uses rockets on infantry?

          What about that guy going 30 and 5 DEFENDING the MCOM’s?

          That wasn’t a very good example…

          What about a guy who can manage to NOT get killed while moving on that MCOM to arm it…all the while being aware enough of his surroundings that he’s able to take out the enemies advancing on him before they take him out?

          Now THAT is a good soldier. Someone who can pay attention enough to the mission AND keep himself alive at the same time.

          Not sure where you went with everything past, “On the other hand…” though. One would hope that an engineer destroys enemy armor and repairs friendlies. One would hope that a medic would heal others on the field. To me that’s just a given.

          K/D will ALWAYS say something about one’s skill level. It’s not something that can simply be brushed aside and discounted.

          • Joe Funky

            Alright, I did worded that badly. I understand K/D can show that you’re a good shot, but obviously that guy with the second highest score on the board with barely 5-6 kills is doing something right. Yes, K/D can show you have a good skill, but what everyone is complaining about here is there will always be that guy that literally ignores the objectives and goes for kills, and I’m not talking about the one near the MCOM trying to defend it, I’m talking about the one running all around the map just not giving a thing for the MCOM.

          • Cyryl

            Heh… Well…

            Accuracy is what shows that you’re a good shot. 😉

            The guy with the second highest score on the board could be doing any number of things. Maybe taking advantage of the team’s inability to stay alive for more than a few seconds… He’s running around reviving them for points… But that doesn’t necessarily serve any purpose if NONE of them are going for the objective.

            But you’re right. There’s that guy who is just there for the kills and doesn’t bother with the objectives. THERE…lays our problem.

            This is the very reason why so many are suddenly discounting and discrediting K/D ratios as any measure of skill. (I suspect that a lot of it has to do with jealousy, too… LOL!)

            Now we see the contrast here. 😛

          • Joe Funky

            That’s my only problem with people counting K/D. If you’re going after the objective or defending it and get a good K/D a lot, hey, I’m all for it, the less the enemy touches the MCOM, the better, it’s just when people literally ignore everything for kills, that’s what bugs me. They did add a TDM after all lol (even though I only played it once and hated it, so not fitting for Battlefield in my opinion lol).

          • Cyryl

            Agreed. TDM is CRAP. It shouldn’t be in BF. Ugh.

            But I think we all share that frustration with that guy who is just there for the kills. Even I do.

            Though I am a kill-a-saurus rex on occasion. But I chalk it up to ‘keeping the enemy occupied’ anyway most times. LOL!

      • Joe Faughnan

        Hey man, I saw this one game where this recon guy got a crap ton of spots- And managed to kill a good half-3/4 of them. That, and keeping the enemy busy, is when I don’t mind K/D lol

      • irixzone

        What about this, I am playing like medic, I revive you 3 times, in the 4th, I get killed, so, I have a negative K/D ratio, you dont want me in your team?

    • Sindalm

      If you’re that obsessed about it, go play Call of Duty like every other trigger finger jerk out there. Battlefield = teamwork. K/D ratio is just a measurement.

      • Cyryl

        I don’t know about you…

        …but my trigger finger gets plenty of action in Battlefield 3.

        Please point out to me where I EVER said that Battlefield wasn’t about teamwork.

        By saying, “K/D ratio is just a measurement.” you are proving my point. It IS a measurement.

        That’s what I was saying the whole time. LOL!

        • irixzone

          What is your tag name?

  • rocky gunz

    Obviously a handful of you dick riders of dice fail to even play mw3 much. Saying there is no ”teamwork” aspect of the game is just being plain out narrow minded. Have you ever played domination, ctf, ect? Yea, some can get away with just running and gunning ofc. But you can’t say holding down two flags and controlling enemy spawn isn’t ”teamwork” I’ve been in plenty of pickup games with greens and its hard to cooridinate. Get me in with my clan, its easily done because of communication.

    Sorry, just my two cents. I love how everyone who loves bf3 bashes mw3. I play both and play both. You can’t compare the two, both are made to have two totally different playouts. Both require teamwork bf3 more then mw3. :)

    • Cyryl

      Are you done?

  • Jack

    Hi thanks for the tips i found them really usefull :)

  • Kelevra AL

    What’s K/D?…m a new user!…

    • Andrew

      K/D = kill death ratio

  • Brian

    More CoD kids need to read this I hate playing with them and because I play on the ps3 BF3 was free to all ps+ members that means more dumbass CoD noobs to mess up the game for everyone that knows how to play it right. They need to learn to play their class that they are playing and how to flank the enemy not run to their death and need spot everything that moves.

  • Steve

    A good player cant be measured by statistics only, stats (also KD) gives only ONE impression. If u see a player moving, and shooting, and acting, and his stats, you see the Whole. I dont like this moments, you got thrown out of a squad, because u only had ONE bad moment where someone had seen one thing, of which he thinks it makes it all.

  • Arctic5555

    This is so true. How many times have you been pushing the enemy lines back in a tank, supported by a buddy in a second tank. Then out of nowhere, an enemy chopper suddenly slams both tanks with missiles killing you both and making a clear path for the enemies to all your checkpoints? Then you lose all the checkpoints and the game. That happened to me… I was like, “TEAM WHAT WAS THAT?!!?! WHERE WERE YOU!!!??! WHY YOU NO KEEP HELI OUT OF SKY?!!!!!” Yea… I was pretty mad.