5 Video Game Monsters That Could Take On Godzilla

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5 Gaming Monsters That Could Take on Godzilla

Godzilla Intro Now that Godzilla is set to demolish box offices the world over, there doesn't appear to be any real threat to the gargantuan iguana's supremacy. While monsters try to thwart the reptile in his latest movie, we're already dreaming up some combatants from video games that could toe-to-toe with what is arguably the greatest kaiju of all time. Securing victory over Godzilla is far from an easy feat, but we've compiled a list of five iconic gaming beasts that stand the best odds of defeating Toho's legendary monster. While it's possible, if not likely, that the jolly green lizard could defeat each and every participant on this list (he is Godzilla after all), there's no question that we'd buy front row tickets to see a battle royale go down between any of these warriors. Without further ado, here's Game Rant's list of 5 gaming monsters that could take on Godzilla.


Godzilla Kraid Origins: Metroid One of the largest enemies from Metroid mythos, Kraid is a towering alien with reptilian features. He pales in comparison to sheer size of Godzilla, but this foe has one distinct advantage over the king of all monsters: he's very intelligent. Running with a band of space pirates, alongside Samus Aran's arch-enemy Ridley, Kraid is often thought to be one of the main leaders behind the troubling gang. Capable of shooting spikes from three holes on his belly and launching harpoon-like boomerangs from his fingertips, this is one foe that even Samus herself doesn't take lightly. Kraid also has a pesky habit of growing larger every time Nintendo's favorite bounty hunter encounters him. His intelligence, coupled with an array of nasty weapons and ever-changing size, would make him a good foe for Godzilla.


Godzilla Deathwing Origins: World of Warcraft Many MMO aficionados will remember Deathwing as the beast that turned Azeroth on its head in World of Warcraft. After reemerging, the dragon unleashed a fury upon the world that instantly changed its entire landscape, and the realm is still dealing with the ramifications of the monster's appearance. Sounds kind of like another, more Japan-based monster that wreaks havoc wherever he goes, doesn't it? Deathwing is also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (such as the inside of a volcano), which puts him in a prime position when it comes to the heat emitted from Godzilla's atomic breath. We're sure someone in the comments will point out that the ramifications of the heat radiating from lava and that of nuclear reactions are completely different, but we'd like to completely overlook that and point out the fact that Deathwing can also fly. Enough said.


Godzilla Leviathan Origins: Resistance Making his debut in Insomniac Games' Resistance 2, the Leviathan instantly became one of the most iconic baddies to rear its head in the series. Composed entirely out of the genetically altered remains of countless human bodies, the background story on this beast is the farthest thing from PG-13. The Chimera don't mess around, but could this monstrosity take on Godzilla? We'd imagine so. Measured in at roughly 300 feet tall, the Leviathan certainly has the girth to give Godzilla a run for his money. Aside from the fact that it's taller than a majority of the buildings placed within Chicago, it's also rocking a bullet-proof hide and razor-sharp teeth. It's hard not to imagine Godzilla taking on the Chimera's Leviathan in a bid for dominance, and it's one combatant that would make an interesting competitor for the fabled crown.


Godzilla Cronos Origins: God of War Better known as the father of Zeus in Greek mythology, Cronos was a massive obstacle that Kratos eventually defeated in God of War 3. While the Titan may have lost out to the God of War, he may be able to stand his ground with an entirely different breed of god. He's also much more intelligent than the average Godzilla baddie, which could give him the edge in combat against the monster. Forced to carry a mountain on his back, Cronos is far from a tiny enemy and while specifics pertaining to his exact size vary, even his in-game stature makes it seem like the behemoth would tower over Godzilla. Unlike many of the reptile's other foes, however, Cronos is susceptible to being damaged by simple weapons such as swords. Taking Godzilla's bomb-proof hide and atomic breath into consideration, this all but ensures that a good battle between the legends would ensue.

The Colossi

Godzilla Shadow of the Colossus Origins: Shadow of the Colossus Much like the alternate reality that Godzilla inhabits, the world of Shadow of the Colossus is absolutely covered with battle-hungry behemoths. Towering over the main protagonist, Wander, these colossi pose a big enough challenge to dismantle when it's just one-on-one, but it becomes a nearly impossible task when learning that there are 16 of these things wandering around. It's hard to pick just one of these lumbering giants to take on Godzilla, so why can't the beast go on a hunt to destroy all of these monsters? Each varies drastically from one another, which would make for some interesting battles (or at least montages) featuring the world's most popular kaiju. Forget glowing weak points, Godzilla could unleash carnage upon a colossus from any and every angle — but the same can be said for those colossi on Godzilla.


Godzilla Conclusion Godzilla has more than earned his spot as one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time, and we're always itching to see the beast get into another good fight. With the creature's latest film now officially in theaters, fans can watch the king of the monsters take on a new threat. That said, we can't help but imagine a slew of other giants that the lizard can throw down with. Toho's darling will almost certainly never brawl with any of these video game monsters, but there are without a doubt several other gaming-related monstrosities that would make good fodder for Godzilla. With that in mind, are there any other noteworthy creatures you'd like to see get into a slugfest with the iconic iguana? Let us know in the comments below. Since you're here, be sure to head over to Screen Rant's review of Godzilla to see if the latest film is worth getting excited about. Follow Riley on Twitter @TheRileyLittle.
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  1. To Kierandoo1 deadpool couldn’t beat him, deadpool can die but he has to have all of his cell destroyed witch Godzilla would do with one blast of his heat ray. Anacou Kerrigan the queen of blades ant even in the same league as Godzilla one stomp an shes gone. zanbar master hand from smash melee,beast ganon,bowser and donkey kong,any legendary pokemon-would not be able to either. legendary pokemon could not stand a chance against him they can be beat an captured by humans and lesser pokemon, and one blast from godzillas heat ray would ko them. Emdawg final fantasy creatures are defeatable by humans with swords guns an other weapons witch can do nothing to Godzilla- same is true for DMC ones as well. and ones from SMB couldn’t beat him either. dark souls boss same beaten by humans with bladed weapons an such. Kalros, a legendary thresher maw known as “the mother from which all other thresher maws spawn” could only eat him then he would blast out of her with his ray witch would kill her. Kratos nope as well I am a GOW fan but still most of time hes mortal and as such can die easy be Godzilla. Asura srry but hes still wouldn’t beat him Godzilla ant like the titans an things he took down he in the end would die as well. and for others I didn’t list go to stephens comment to see them I agree with him but Cronos would be beaten to but be a hard fight.

    • Agreed. But you forgot to mention depending on the Movie, Godzilla is a Nuclear Mutation that can come back from any state Even one cell,(That how Space Godzilla was created Godzilla regeneration made a knew him from a few cells inside a BLACK HOLE.) And in some movies it was stated he could not be killed that he could come back from his energy field(which could neither be created nor destroyed.) Basically in those versions he’s a Ball of nuclear energy that Grew skin…Thats why he eats Nuclear reactors.. Kind of like the terminator but A living Nuclear Explosion instead of a robot.. And in more than a few it was Stated there a Magic Element to Godzilla, that Earth got Pissed and Created a God to go eat those pesky Nuclear reactors..

  2. It’s kind of funny how everyone keeps bringing up characters that have some form of superpower, an army of SOOPR EVUL ALYINS, are a supernatural entity, or have the power to destroy an entire planet or just insta-win because of popularity.
    I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be about characters that would provide a fair, entertaining fight and/or challenge, not about which characters can kill reality by punching it in the face because reasons. Since we’re talking vidya gayms here anyway…

    Super Godzilla.

  3. Weapon from Final Fantasy VII. He is like the love child of Godzilla and King Kong.

  4. What about Diablo and most of the main monsters from rage or any fable game they can’t die they only scar

  5. What about Diablo and most of the main monsters from rage or any fable game (they can’t die they only scar)

  6. As the big fan of Godzilla that I am, I have to disagree.
    If you’re referring to the 2014 Godzilla then probably some of this monsters could take him. He’s featless in comparison with the jap. Godzilla, however, who is a force of nature, capable of powerful busting attacks.
    Hell, the one time he could explode, he would destroy the earth with ease.
    Some of this are big and intelligent, but you know, Godzilla is also pretty big and intelligent.
    Cronos is the only one with chances to fight him, but remember, Godzilla has taken down far bigger opponents than Cronos (like Destoroyah or King Ghidorah)
    The others are jokes. With no offense, they’re powerful. But to take down Godzilla they would need to duplicate their bodies into armies, to atleast stalemate.
    Godzilla is beyond a powerhouse in his movies, almost being equal with Superman in feats.
    (Like surviving and destroying two black holes)

  7. Living Tribunal is literally omnipotent. As in, 100% unlimited power. Godzilla might have insane (and frankly idiotic) amounts of power, but when you compare a finite amount of power (no matter how large) to an infinite amount, Godzilla’s powers are barely a fraction of what Living Tribunal had. He only died because the only being more powerful was the One-Above-All, who is literally Stan Lee in comic book form.

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  9. Dark Gaia from sonic unleashed he is enormous

  10. Godzilla is powerful but the only thing that could standagainst him is Hulk

  11. Being a fan, I don’t think anyone would actually beat Godzilla in the end. But for a good fight, Lavos from Chrono Trigger came to mind, and thence Crono and party as well (since any of them could take Lavos if sufficiently leveled).

    How about Kefka’s god-form?

  12. Erm…he is not an iguana lol, he is a prehistoric alpha predator.

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