2011 Game Rant Video Game Awards: Winners



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  1. I guess they could but in the end I think most critics are likely going to choose what they think is the best game.

    • I agree with you there but I’m thinking that if they let people have a feature in which they can vote and then you have a good number of experts that have the last word they can’t just pick a game that only 3% of the people voted on for example, otherwise it’d come down to everyone just go with preference over quality and the term expert would then be on the line for them.

  2. Where is Uncharted 3?!

  3. I appreciative you guys giving l.a. noire and crysis 2 their much deserved props, but this list of goty is awful!! This was even worse than what spiketv did!! No bf3 awards anywhere. Gears of war is not the best shooter. Crysis 2, bf3 and even killzone 3 are much better shooters. Hell, even rage and bullet storm. Smh. Good job guys

  4. I love gamerant but seriously you should have at least mentioned InFamous 2.

  5. Is this the Microsoft awards or what?

  6. Portal 2?…Realy? O.o…Batman:AA is the best one hands down, I mean the two games can’t even be compared…also whats with Gears of war 3 for best MP..Have you played Battlefield 3? or hell, even MW3..BF3 there for me..As for others I can mostly agree…but Batman:AA needed to be the game of the years, this is just wrong.

    • Batman:AC*

  7. Hooray for Portal 2 and Rayman and Bastion! And although Skyward Sword (hooray!) seems about as obvious as award-winners get, I’m glad it was there to keep some Kinect rhythm game from winning that award, lol. LA Noire, although I haven’t played it, I’m glad it’s gotten due praise for its technology.

  8. I agree.

    maybe a sequel to river city ransom?

    • accidentally posted to the wrong forum. please disregard earlier comment. I agree that there should have been some others that would be better suited for the game awards.

  9. No Uncharted? Come on guys..thats BS..didnt have to win..but not even in the final list..whatever..at least it won Gametrailers goty..

    • “Not even in the final list”? U3 did get five nominations, including GOTY. Just too many great games this year.

  10. I’m just going to say something, but I’m throwing up the flame shields as a matter-of-fact:
    I played the crap out of Uncharted 3 for several days after I got it for chirstmas. Barely a week later, I was at my cousin’s house, playing co-op Gears 3. I can honestly, unabashedly say; as a fan of both series(cause they both kick all sorts of rear end) that I found Uncharted 3 a more polished product from the first few chapters, and as a better game overall.

    Gears 3 is good fun, don’t get me wrong, but the first ten minutes were almost all military gravely-voiced swearing and gun-rage, with a few mildly amusing quips tossed in about stripping choppers and decade-old candy stuck in vending machines, all of which almost seemed to be rendered moot when the guns came out. What’s more, the experience remained pretty much the same. Beyond the inclusion of special power weapons that appeared maybe three times total, it was fairly rinse-lather-repeat, and occasionally asked you dodge missiles/mortars.

    Uncharted 3 opened with tense monetary negotiations that quickly devolved into an all-out bar brawl, with people being slammed into the edges of pools tables and hit with beer bottles, with actually laugh-out-loud jokes(“This one’s on me” as Nate breaks a bottle on a guy’s face whose drink he accidently spilled), then cuts to a scene where you’re left wondering if the two main characters are still alive, at which point it jumps to a flashback that ties up two major lurking questions of the series, and immedietly makes you look at the interaction between the two most major characters of the game in a completely different way when the flashback ends. The story, environment, and gameplay work in tandem. You’re held prisoner by a pirate, so you’re clambering your way through a ship graveyard and shooting up pirate minions, taking full advantage of all the water directly beneath you as a means of flanking and sneaking, while all the bobbing of the water and waves forces you to adjust your aim. You get in a fist-fight in a market in Yemen, so you can grab stuff off of tables(pots, bottles, sturgeons) and use them for instant knockouts. You’re in the middle of a freaking sandstorm, so you can barely see your enemies until they’re close enough to smash your face in, or just shoot if clean off with little effort. You chase after tucks on horseback, jumping into the back of the trucks to beat the occupants senseless when you get low on ammo, then jump right back onto your horse. You get in a gunfight in a cargo plane as it slowly rips itself apart and have to move accordingly as cover shifts with the plane movements. You shoot your way through enemies as a building burns down around you while you simultaneously try to not be burned alive and see enemies through the smoke. It included spiders so damn fast, creepy-sounding(I’m not joking) and deadly that me and a friend literally admitted that it kind of gave us a fear of spiders. One whole chapter is just you making Nate walk through the Rub Al Khali desert, and watching as he slowly starts to succumb to heat exhaustion, dehydration, and hallucinations stemming from the two aforementioned conditions.

    I’m definetly catching flak for this next statement: Uncharted 3′s combat gameplay was just straight-up better than Gears 3′s. Nearly every gun in Gears 3 lacked any sort of real noticeable kick beyond the reticule widening as I held the trigger down; It honestly kind of felt like lazer tag. In Uncharted 3, not only did the reticule widen, it wobbled, forcing me to correct my aim to compensate for the recoil. Uncharted 3′s cover mechanics were far less sticky and far easier to manage. Uncharted 3 also included a double-barreled shotgun that HAD MORE THAN ONE SHOT and could be used effectively from more than two inches(and a dead-center-in-front-of-you enemy) away. Uncharted 3 had a magnum pistol that essentially doubled as a sniper rifle. Uncharted 3′s second acquirable full-auto assault rifle was actually a dramatic improvement over the standard one, rather than an barely usable piece of junk with an overhyped, overly-difficult-to-use bayonet. Uncharted 3 had far more weapon variety((one semi-auto pisolt, one full auto, one three-round burst(that actually worked), and three types of magnums with varying effective ranges and firing speeds)(one sniper rifle that was a one-shot kill bolt-action, one that was a double-tap five-rounds-in-a-clip-semi-automatic)(two full-auto assault rifles with varying rates of fire and damage, one three-round burst assault rifle with attached scope)(one semi-auto eight round shotgun, one two-shot, rapid-fire double-barrel)(grenades you could toss back at your opponents)(one four-in-a-clip grenade launcher, one comes-with-three-reloads RPG) with far more opportunities to use the various weapons. Uncharted 3 included more than one optional stealth section(in fact, many major battles could made far easier or even skipped entirely through the use of stealth kills) that required more thought than simply shooting someone in the head with a ginormous sniper rifle while you were beyond their field of vision, then lining up a shot on the other guy who was alerted when his pal’s head exploded(you have to actually sneak up right behind enemies and snap their necks, or yank them around or over cover to knock them out when their pals aren’t looking.) Uncharted 3 allowed for more thought than “hide behind something and just pump bullets into everything that isn’t covered in blue lights, and occasionally throw a grenade at some guy whose impervious to bullets.” There are armored enemies where you can shoot off their armor in various spots, making it easier to damage them with bullets, or opening up melee combat. There a big hand-to-hand monsters of guys who take several sequences of punching, counter-punching, and chokehold-escaping to defeat. The overall melee system was more involved, requiring you to run up to someone, try and throw the first punch, and be prepared to doge if they blocked((that’s if you even consider it wise to charge some and punch them while his buddies are shooting at you)(and occasionally letting you yank a pin on an enemy’s belt-bound grenade and watch it blow them up)), than something based soley around a chainsaw, with all other weapons(save to the unwieldy, impractical, 12-swings-only giant knife) having virtually no discernable impact. Rather than drop in a giant spider-queen in an enclosed space and making you shoot the smallest, most covered parts of her body as a mini-boss, you fight an armored brute of a man carrying a machine gun(not an assault rifle; a literal, giant-ammo-box-with-bullet-strings-inside machine gun) and you have to figure out a way to try and take him down without any screamed hints from the characters((use the stuff you got from the guys you stealth-killed earlier; jump into a small hollow spot where he has trouble shooting into and gradually shoot his armor off; wait for the bad-guy-reinforcements to show, kill them all, and blow the big guy away with the dropped grenade launcher)(this is all on a ship where waves that slam up and over the edge of the ship itself make everyone stagger about and push cover spots around.))

    Ultimately, I’ve played all three games in both series. I enjoy both series, but Uncharted 3 was by far the better game.

  11. I was disapointed to not see Uncharted 3 on this list.

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