15,000 ‘Halo: Reach’ Cheaters Have Their Credits Reset

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Bungie Resets Halo Reach Cheaters Credits

While Halo: Reach may be Bungie’s final Halo game, the developer is not leaving the game unsupported. In addition to the upcoming update and likely new downloadable content, Bungie is in the process of resetting credits for approximately 15,000 Halo: Reach players who the company has identified as the most egregious “Challenge Reset” abusers.

More specifically, Bungie targeted users/abusers of an exploit that allowed players to complete a Challenge 20+ times via intentional network manipulation (i.e., disconnects). In addition to resetting those players’ credits, Bungie is also applying a one day credit-earning ban, which was done to ensure that recipients receive an in-game notification of the action taken. When Bungie started the credit resets, it also clarified that no bans were handed out for playing “too much” Gruntpocalypse, nor for using the target locator “too much.” According to Bungie, there is no such thing as “too much” of these.

Good for Bungie I say. Sure some people may argue that these players should not be punished for using an exploit found in the game that involves a little disconnecting here and there. But for me, I think it is good that Bungie is taking these actions. I think there is a difference between disconnecting so you can re-do challenges over and over to earn credits versus, say, finding a shortcut in a racing game that the developers did not know about or plan on. And I think any time a player relies on network disconnections to trigger an exploit, labeling them a “cheater” is fine by me.

I also do not understand why people do this kind of thing. I get that people are competitive and want to win, etc. And I see how there might be some cool accessories for your character at super-high credit levels, but really, cheating to unlock those? And around 15,000 people doing this? Really? What is the fun in that? So that other people will think you have played tons and tons and tons of Reach so that you were able to unlock that stuff first? Or that fellow gamers will think you are a cheater? I just do not get the mindset. Maybe a fellow Ranter can explain it to me in the comments.

So the moral of the story here, don’t cheat, at least not in Halo: Reach. Chances are Bungie will catch you either with sweeps like this, or via its automated “Banhammer,” which will likely become more accurate and refined over time.

Halo: Reach is currently available exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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  • http://gamerant.com J.C. Reeves

    See guys, cheaters never win!

  • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

    Haha never try to dupe Bungie. They always win!

  • http://gamerant.com Cindy Andrie

    Glad to see they are on top of it. :-)

  • Ace

    Glad to hear the target locator exploit is fine by bungie, or it’d be in trouble. I read on bungie that the amount of credits awarded in gruntpocalypse will be reduced very soon.

  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    All cheaters must die.

    They should get negative credits :)

  • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

    With how difficult it is to get credits, I understand where these cheaters are coming from. But cheaters must be punished.

  • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

    The first time I came up against guys manipulating lag in a Team Fortress game, I decided that the only solution to cheating is death.

    Sic semper cheaterannus.

  • Dead_Frozen

    I think the mindset for cheaters is simply: Hey, I can get it now or I can get it a few Months from now”.
    Or, They just like being cool lookin and whatnot. Who here can say they’ve never cheated on a Grand Theft Auto game? It’s just fun to do, flying around in a helicoptor shooting people with rocket launchers with a pimp outfit…

  • Scott

    I think those people should just play like everyone else.. not spam a game for what it is to unlock ‘cool stuff’ for your charecter…

  • Allen

    Right now I’m a lt.colonel grade 1 and I played ALOT of score Attack and used the target locater I really hope this is fine with bungie and I don’t get reset

  • Brian

    using the artillery should be a ban, thats just gay, play the game

  • ThAt_OnE_pOtAtO

    I know cheaters are bad and what-not, but I see where they’re coming from, cut I’m major grade three, and it’s hard to get here even with halo way point calling crap.

  • ThAt_OnE_pOtAtO

    *cuz *challenge