10 Fun Ways to Stop Video Game Piracy

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Resident Evil 6 Pirated Copy

2.) Resident Evil 6, 7, 8 & 9/Any Game With Human Beings, Guns, and Enemies: Could Have Just Brought a Backpack

Capcom’s newest installments of the hugely popular Resident Evil series have been huge successes, which isn’t a surprise. Even with the continued use of a companion, the games continue to sell like ice cream in summer. However, as the newest game, RE7, comes out, the companion this time is a ninja, much to everyone’s surprise. This is good news, right? You’re fighting something with funny looking eyes and claws, and having a master of stealth and weapon restraint on your side should help you out, right? Wrong. Capcom decided that in the event you decided to pirate this game, your ninja friend (his name is Fluffy from now on) is your current target. See, Fluffy has the programming that makes him put himself in your way, all the time. In a game with a laser-sighted handgun, shotgun, Chicago Typewriter, or anything, having your vision obscured is punishment, especially when you’re being attacked. But never fear, Fluffy is also programmed to come to your aid – by lighting you on fire to repel enemies. Oh, Fluffy. You’re so silly.

Here’s our Numero Uno, and let us give this one its proper fanfare. You kind of have to imagine it, though.

1.) Any Game With Internet Capabilities: The Mark of the Beastly

Theft is a crime punishable by having your hand removed in certain areas on the planet. However, here in North America, in Europe, and in Japan, it’s a bit less severe. But still, some find it an offense worth of being paraded about naked. A few developers got together a year or so ago to think of a way to combat this new piracy upsurge. Their idea was brilliant, but was meant to be kept secret, and it did remain secret, until the results of it began to come out to the public. It started with a bang, and ended with a thousand players protesting the evidence of what they had done: on their virtual gamer identification card, a big, red, “THIEF” appears. On any in-game avatars they have in any game, their character is doomed to wander the world, donning a dunce cap, suspenders, and a sign around their neck, with the word “THIEF” emblazoned on it. But wait! There’s more. In some games, there’s a way to sell and buy items, such as in The Legend of Zelda, where the player can pick up upgrades to the Bomb Bag, or the Quiver. Let’s say you decide to take a stroll into the Shop in TLOZ, to pick up a purple potion (when you die, this revives you right on the spot). You go to talk to the person behind the desk, and then it hits you: “Oh, I don’t deal with people like you. It’s bad for business.” Yep. Even in-game, NPCs refuse to associate with you, all because you pirated the game. No purple potion for you. Ever.

Well, this about wraps it up. The video game industry is a blossoming group of people who are working together (some better than others) to bring an enjoyable experience to the world, in the form of electronic submersion. In return for the hard work they put into creating a world to immerse yourself in, they ask for a bit of your money. Of course, not everyone can afford to do this but it’s worth mentioning that even if you can’t afford it, these people might suffer, the people who put their lifeblood into this project. It’s along the lines of a dine-and-ditch. It’s wrong. It may be easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong.

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  • usrev2

    how would this stop piracy again? it would just slow it down.
    piracy isn’t even a problem in the gaming industry. almost exclusively people who pirate a game were never going to buy it anyway, this is the flaw of virtually every website reporting what piracy does wrong.
    i’m not saying piracy is just, but its over exaggerated to epic proportions by media.
    Notch the creator of minecraft told a would-be customer to pirate the game because he couldn’t afford it right then. Why? because notch understands piracy.
    People use piracy for many many things more then to “steal” ( technically piracy isn’t theft) games.
    -test your own PC hardware: not sure if game will run on pc… pirate it!
    -benchmarking: I wonder how many FPS i will get max settings Crysis 2, i don’t want the game but i want to know the FPS. pirate it!
    -not sure if i like this game: I’d like to rent but i cannot. pirate it!
    -Definitely getting this game: but won’t get paycheck for another week. Pirate it!
    -This game is a rip off: it only last 12 hours but it cost $60.. rather then wait until it goes down to $10 you can pirate it.
    -I used to have this game: I remember roller coaster tycoon, i would like to play it again, lost my CD and CD key though… pirate it, they already have your money.
    -I have this game but on a different platform: I have skyrim on the winbox360, but i don’t want to buy it again just to play PC mods, so I’ll pirate it Bethesda already has my money from the xbox version after all.
    -improve upload ratio: private torrent sites have a ratio rule that you must upload more then you download. download new game then upload it to improve your ratio, you might never use the file you downloaded(this is rare but it happens).

    there i just said 7(the last one is very rare) reasons people pirate which encompasses the vast majority of pirated copies of games.
    of course, no one will believe me because the media and your preconceptions are always right.

    • Lundix

      I’ve done the last one a couple of times =)

    • Vince

      Yes, pirating is stealing. Why do you even think they call it pirating? Look, if you buy a game, that money goes into the developers pocket. You pirate that game, you have the product, the developer doesn’t have a penny on their end.
      I’m not saying I haven’t done it, I have. But pirating a 12 hour game in anticipation for it’s price to go down to 10? Why would you buy it AFTER pirating and beating it? Unless it takes you that long to beat a game, to the point where the games costs the same as a 6 year old game.

      • Lundix

        “Pirating” is NOT “stealing”. As you pointed out yourself: why do you think we call it piracy? If it’d been theft, we’d call it theft. Case in point: [http://www.knowaguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Piracy-vs-Theft.jpg].

        And I’ve bought games after sampling through piracy, several times. If a demo isn’t available, I find other means of testing it. If piracy is the easiest, that’s where I go. If I like the game, and the price is reasonable, I buy.

  • ccrogers

    Spyro 3 ps1 has the coolest one!

  • Asashii

    all this would be just hacked and corrected from the scene or p2p and just release the repack, so all this sounds funny but its just sounds !!!