Mortal Kombat X Review

‘Mortal Kombat X’ Review

‘Mortal Kombat X’ offers fans a diverse roster and tons of variety, but it’s the game’s ever-changing gameplay modes that are sure to keep players coming back.

by Anthony Taormina  | 1 day ago

I Am Bread Review

‘I Am Bread’ Review

‘I Am Bread’ packs a surprising amount of entertainment, and those who find themselves curious about the game won’t be disappointed with its value if they take the plunge.

by John Jacques  | 2 days ago

Telepath Tactics Review

‘Telepath Tactics’ Review

‘Telepath Tactics’ may be slow to get going, but the turn-based RPG overcomes some clunky story elements with a nuanced ruleset and an easy-to-use map editor.

by Rob Gordon  | 2 days ago

Life Is Strange Episode 2 Review

Review: ‘Life Is Strange’ Episode 2 Cranks Up the Tension

‘Life Is Strange Episode 2′ continues its intriguing foray into the dark and troubling side of adolescent life, increasing the drama but still tripping over speech and mechanics.

by Melissa Loomis  | 3 days ago

Unium Review

Review: ‘Unium’ is a Chill Puzzle Game to Twist Your Brain

Puzzle game ‘Unium’ by Kittehface Studios provides a polished and relaxing experience for a simple but increasingly complex series of line-drawing puzzles.

by Thor Weston  | 3 days ago

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review

‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2′ Review

‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2′ manages to make for an entertaining stopgap between core ‘Resident Evil’ entries by offering a fun-filled co-op, but lackluster graphics.

by Riley Little  | 3 days ago


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Reveal Trailer Highlights Endor Battle

Star Wars Celebration offers fans their first look at the ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ trailer, which features a handful of in-engine sequences and a major Endor battle.

by Anthony Taormina | 19 hours ago6 Comments

Star Wars Battlefront Release Date, Teaser Footage

Star Wars Battlefront: Release Date, Teaser Trailer, and New Art

According to the website’s source code, ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is arriving November 17 and a teaser for tomorrow’s gameplay footage highlights a fast-paced speeder bike chase.

by Denny Connolly | 2 days ago3 Comments

Star Ocean 5 Reveal Trailer and Screenshots

‘Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness’ Trailer and Screenshots

Following the accidental early reveal of the ‘Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness,’ fans can now check out a series trailer and two new screenshots.

by Denny Connolly | 3 days agoNo Comments

Guitar Hero Live Reveal Trailer

‘Guitar Hero Live’ Reveal Trailer Takes to the Stage

A new trailer released by Activision gives a glimpse into the future of their rhythm franchise with ‘Guitar Hero Live’, boasting ‘real’ bandmates and a new first person perspective.

by Brad Jones | 4 days ago2 Comments

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward (Opening)

‘Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward’ Opening Cinematic Takes to the Skies

Nearly five years after launch, ‘Final Fantasy 14′ is about to release its first expansion, ‘Heavensward.’ Get a first look at the epic opening cinematic.

by David Wharton | 4 days ago3 Comments

Destiny: House of Wolves (Prologue)

Destiny: House of Wolves DLC Prologue Trailer Revealed

Alongside confirming the ‘Destiny’ DLC’s release date, Bungie also reveals the first trailer for House of Wolves, which sees the Awoken Queen on a quest for revenge.

by Anthony Taormina | 5 days agoNo Comments

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