Lost Constellation

Review: ‘Lost Constellation’ Teases ‘Night in the Woods’ but Satisfies as a Standalone Experience

Lost Constellation, a supplemental game to the upcoming Night in the Woods, is a piece of beautifully written and designed point-and-click folklore that feels like a creepy bedtime story.

by Melissa Loomis  | 7 hours ago


Review: ‘Evolve’ Works Well With a Coordinated Team, But Replay Value is Limited

When ‘Evolve’ hits all the right notes it succeeds at delivering a tense and dynamic boss battles, but if just one thing goes wrong it loses its appeal rather quickly.

by Anthony Taormina  | 2 days ago

Hatoful Boyfriend

‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ Review

‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ is a bizarre, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes terrifying adventure where you can also date a variety of birds. Yes, you can date birds.

by Melissa Loomis  | 4 days ago

'Kirby and the Rainbow Curse' Review

‘Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’ Review

The Wii U gamepad is the best and worst thing about ‘Kirby and the Rainbow Curse,’ as it facilitates the game’s stylus-based platforming while also crimping Kirby’s considerable style.

by Christopher Gates  | 4 days ago

The Order: 1886

‘The Order: 1886′ Review

‘The Order: 1886′ is bursting with creativity when it comes to design, narrative, and setting, but its gameplay is far too linear and derivative to be worth a full price purchase.

by Anthony Taormina  | 1 week ago

Minutes Review

‘Minutes’ Review

‘Minutes’ might be a minimalist game, but it’s not a simple one, and while Red Phantom Games’ latest can be beaten in an hour, it’ll last most gamers much longer.

by Christopher Gates  | 2 weeks ago


Hyrule Warriors Ganon DLC Launch Trailer

‘Hyrule Warriors’ Playable Ganon DLC Gets Launch Trailer

Nintendo has released a launch trailer to coincide with the Japanese release of new DLC for ‘Hyrule Warriors’ – with the focus on the immense and playable Ganon.

by Riley Little | 16 hours agoNo Comments

Far Cry 4 (Yeti)

‘Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis’ DLC Gets Trailer

The upcoming ‘Far Cry 4′ DLC strands Ajay on a Himalayan ridge, where he must protect his camp from cultists and monsters while looking for a means of escape.

by Christopher Gates | 18 hours agoNo Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight (Gotham is Mine)

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer: The War for Gotham Begins

Batman’s most iconic villains are out for blood in the latest trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’, but the Dark Knight appears ready to meet the challenge head on.

by Anthony Taormina | 2 days ago8 Comments

Shadow of Mordor (The Bright Lord DLC)

‘Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord’ DLC Offers a Showdown with Sauron

The final piece of DLC for ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’ allows players to take control of the one ring to rule them all and throw down with the biggest bad guy in all of Middle-earth: Sauron.

by Denny Connolly | 2 days agoNo Comments

Nash Revealed for Street Fighter V

Charlie Nash Joins ‘Street Fighter 5′ Roster in New Trailer

After hinting at this character’s return months ago, Capcom officially announces Charlie Nash as the newest addition to the ‘Street Fighter V’ roster.

by Kyree Leary | 3 days ago1 Comment

Aganos Joins Killer Instinct Season 2

Massive Golem Aganos Rolls into ‘Killer Instinct’ Season 2

The largest fighter yet is joining the roster of ‘Killer Instinct’ in season 2 and he’s none other than a massive golem named Aganos.

by Riley Little | 5 days agoNo Comments